Is it your birthday today 3rd June?


Born on 3rd June….Happy Birthday!

June 3 is a great talker, which many people find relaxing as they don’t have to do much themselves. People born on this day are often expert in their field and their talent for talking makes them great teachers, speech-makers, and excellent politicians. Both sexes may be extremely idealistic, with a passion to make the world a better place and since they make inspiring leaders they are well equipped to achieve their goals. Apart from politics, find them in the army, medicine and the church, where they are inventive, brave and inspirational. Their talents can certainly bring fame. At home, they are full of adventure and no family judges June 3 the boring relative they don’t want to visit. On the contrary, this is one person everybody wants at gatherings, because this individual can makes things go with a swing.

Women born today form strong friendships with their own sex, life-long best pals, who will bring them laughter and strength when they hit a rough patch. The men, too, are naturally sociable, and often very funny, in some cases so witty they can make a profession out of it. Both sexes make good club members, excellent at organising social occasions, dab hands at fundraising, and generally always welcome.

Just a few people born on this day tend towards vanity, with a domineering streak which means they don’t so much want to lead as boss. They can become bullies, justifying themselves with all the disgusting self-pity common to this type. It’s a moral duty not to look the other way, but to spot this type fast and slap it down before they become a complete pain and someone gets hurt. June 3 hates to be ignored, to be made to feel they have no impact, and this may be the best way to handle difficult individuals born on this day. But beware a sometimes harsh reaction, disproportionate to the event.

Body : Many people travel long distances to work, which pushes up the stress levels and exhausts them. Some relaxation exercises may help. First tense every muscle in your body, your jaws, eyes, arms, hands, chest, back, stomach, legs and feet. Hold the tension briefly, then silently say ‘Relax and let go’ and you breathe out… let your whole body relax … feel a wave of calm come over you as you stop tensing. Feel the relief. Gently close your eyes, take another deep breath, slowly breathe out and silently say ‘Relax and let go’. For a few moments, let yourself drift more and more.

Mind : If you want to see who you’ll marry, open the bedroom window and ask the new moon: ‘I prithee, Good Moon, reveal to me this night to whom I’ll wedded be.’ You’ll dream of your future spouse.


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