Is it your birthday today 4th June?


Born on 4th June….Happy Birthday!

This character is nice to be with, always fan and seems a good sort. But you can’t trust this bundle of contradictions as far as you can throw it. She says ‘Darling’, he says ‘Darling’, neither of them means it. Watch out. Some make great lovers, often faithful and particularly careful parents. They are not flirts, except where it may help them to get on in either a career or up the social ladder. And when this is necessary they do it extremely effectively. But the moment they no longer need the object of their attentions, they simply don’t bother any more, leaving their benefactor, now their victim, utterly bewildered.

June 4 women can rise far up the corporate ladder, using their quick Gemini wit to make fast, interesting decisions. Some become the worst kind of female executive. Joined at the nose to their computer, working until midnight, a glass of diet cola by their side. They come home late at night even when there are small children, leaving someone else to tuck them up, and often show a condescending kind of boredom to their long-suffering house-husbands.

The men are the same, except they have a greater tendency to pop down to the bar with a few mates, which makes them nicer people, if slightly drunk. Those who escape these traits show the homely streak common to Gemini, and devote their undoubted energies to the domestic arts. But there is always, lurking just beneath, a little competitiveness. A slightly better carpet than their sister’s or neighbour’s is often the order of the day. Taller trees. A bigger garden, with brighter lupins. When they are around those they consider their equal, however, they can be very charming. Firm competition often brings out the best in them, and with the saving grace of a strong sense of self-mockery, June 4 can flower into a sturdy and useful plant.

Body : People born on this day work very hard, often at a computer and as a result they may suffer from eye strain, or simply tired eyes. It’s important to get a computer with a properly contrasted screen, and to investigate the overhead lighting so that it doesn’t bounce off the screen, causing glare. It’s also important to get up and get away from the screen. Try to take a quick walk outside into the open air, preferably a place where green plants and trees are growing. Close your eyes here for five minutes to rest them.

Mind : There is a tender heart lurking in most June 4 breasts. Let it dictate your actions. Calculation and taking control may feel safe, but what the heart says is wise and often brings greater happiness.

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