I’ve Never Had An Orgasm

We have had a couple readers submit their own confessions that they have never had the big O. One has never had one ever at all, one can only have them with the help of a toy, and one gets all the way to the point of ready to explode and then it just “disappears”.  I was quite surprised how common it really is to not have an orgasm. Sometimes it can be health related so if you ever wonder about something, don’t hesitate to go see your doctor. If you have any confessions you would like to share please email socialsally@divadiaries.com 

Reader Submitted Anonymous

First I am not going to give my name because I am very ashamed to admit that I have never had an orgasm. When I say never I mean NEVER. Not from a man, not from a vibe, not even from my own hand. I have tried everything from the shower head to electrode stimulation. Nothing. I finally went to my doctor and it seems I have a tipped uterus which could be one of the reasons because the “gspot” is hard to reach on me. She gave me some “techniques” to try, but I am afraid.

Reader Submitted Carla

Is it weird that I have fakes orgasms for so much in my life I am unsure now if I have really had one? I mean I am sure I have. Plenty of times I have felt good, out of this world even. Just as many times I have felt nothing. But I don’t know for sure if I am just feeling good or if I have actually orgasmed.

Reader Submitted Nickola

I am so scared to have an orgasm. I don’t want to “squirt” or “fanny fart” so every time I feel an orgasm building up I tense up so much so it doesn’t happen. I have tried “practicing” at home so that I can know how my body will react so I know if I have anything to be embarrassed about but I find I am so used to tensing up I can’t actually let myself relax enough to let myself have an orgasm.

Reader Submitted No Name

I love men. I love sex. However I can not have an orgasm from a man. I have plenty by myself. Even when having sex with a man if I touch myself I can orgasm, however if I don’t touch myself I won’t cum.

Reader Submitted Lindsay

This is weird to admit but I have only ever orgasmed with the use of a vibrating toy. Whether I am doing it to myself or whether a bloke is doing it for me. we have tried without the help of a ring or toy and nothing! NOTHING! Not even a tingle. I can’t remember when I had my first orgasm if it was with the help of a toy and now I am doomed for life or if something just happened along the way.

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