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Woman Is Sent Disturbing Messages From a Just Eat Creepy Delivery Driver.

You’d think ordering a takeaway is pretty simple. You place your Just Eat order, it is delivered, you tip the driver and that’s that. You certainly shouldn’t be receiving unwanted messages from any employees.

Well, in Gloucestershire, England, a woman who had simply ordered food to her home was shocked when she began receiving unsolicited messages from an employee. A 33-year-old woman by the name of Michelle Midwinter was sent a series of very creepy WhatsApp messages from a delivery driver who had driven to her home to deliver her takeout.

Midwinter received a kissing emoji and messages which included: “Good night bby, see you next time I get your meal.” When she asked who the man was, the delivery driver creepily replied: “A fan.”

Justy Creepy

Eventually, the man, who has not been identified, went on to explain who he really was. However, this did not make the exchange any less creepy: “I’m the guy who delivered your meal. If you have a bf tell me. I don’t want to make any problems.” Midwinter then replied to her wildly overzealous admirer saying. “I’m literally never ordering from there ever again.”

The driver managed to obtain the woman’s phone number through the delivery service Just Eat. Understandably, Midwinter was bitterly disappointed that her privacy had been violated. The situation was unnerving given the fact that the man knew exactly where she lived.

“At first, I was shocked at the fact someone could approach me in that way. But that turned to feeling very uncomfortable when I realized this guy had my name, address, and phone number.” Midwinter said. “I usually order with my boyfriend, and to be honest, he answers the door most of the time. This has certainly never happened to him.” She continued “If I lived on my own this would have been even more traumatic.”

“I didn’t feel comfortable going to the restaurant as I was worried about any repercussions,” she explained. “I did not want them to find out who made the complaint – after all my privacy had already been breached. If [the driver] ended up getting fired over this, who knows what he would do with my information – as he clearly had no qualms using it in the first place.”

Just Eat response.

You would have thought that Just Eat would be nothing but apologetic about the incident. But they showed no such signs. Rather than apologize to their rightfully disappointed customer, a customer service worker at the company simply told her to leave an online review and offered her £5 for the inconvenience.

After the story became viral, Just Eat then decided to step in and claim that they were now investigating the incident and have gotten back in touch with their scorned customer.

“We were deeply concerned to hear about this incident. Whilst the restaurants on our platform are independent of the Just Eat business, we hold ourselves to high standards. We would expect all drivers associated with our restaurant partners to act responsibly and respectfully at all times. This driver has acted in a way that does not represent Just Eat and our core values.”

“We are investigating this with our restaurant partner and are also speaking to this customer offline. If the customer decides this is a criminal matter and reports it to the police. We will, of course, assist the police with any investigation. We take the safeguarding of customer data extremely seriously. Information is shared with our restaurant partners solely for the purpose of facilitating delivery. Just Eat are appalled by the way this was handled when the customer initially made contact. This lacked empathy and does not reflect our policies. Or the way Just Eat would expect something like this to be dealt with.”


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  1. This is just way too creepy!!!! So ladies lesson to learn here. If you are gonna takeaway alone get TWO meals even if you dont eat one. People wont think you are alone.

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