Keeping Sex Alive in a Marriage – Orgasm

Week 2 – ORGASM!!!!!  Yes, DO IT YOURSELF

Be responsible for your own orgasm.

orgasmsYour orgasm is your responsibility. As Dr Lissa Rankin says in her book “What’s Up Down There, “You can’t effort yourself into an orgasm; you simply let go. Release expectation. Allow your body to feel what feels good.”This doesn’t necessarily mean you do it yourself but rather that you take the initiative to know what arouses you and communicate this to your partner.

We all know that most of the time when having intercourse, the penis doesn’t come in contact with the clitoris but we sure want it to so help out the situation. Talk to your partner or do it yourself. He cannot read your mind. If you have issues with reaching orgasm, maybe try adding some toys or first, get to know what pleases you by spending some time with yourself first. Behind closed doors, take the time to learn what pleases you and what doesn’t. It isn’t taboo anymore!!!! Believe me, I was the “turn off the lights” kind of girl for many years until I met my 2nd husband. He opened my eyes to a whole new world. Toys and masturbation are not “bad” or “dirty”. Once you know what pleases you, TELL HIM. It isn’t a secret to keep to yourself. It is YOUR responsibility!!!

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  1. Thats the trick… communication. Its harder when your young or new in a relationship to be honest that what he or she is doing just aint hitting the spot but get over it and open your gob as well as your legs, orgasms should be a necessity not a fingers crossed it happens this time kind of thing.

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