Lend us a tenner!

The new Bank of England £10 note was unveiled this week in Winchester Cathedral and features the author Jane Austen.

© Bank of England

Did you know….

1) The launch date 18th July was chosen to unveil the new note as it marks 200 years since Jane Austen died.

2) It was first announced in 2013 that the author would appear on the new £10 note.

3) The banknote features a portrait of Jane taken from an engraving by William Home Lizars, commissioned in 1870 by her nephew.

4) It also includes two further images celebrating the author’s work.

5) The central design in the background of the note is inspired by the twelve-sided writing table and writing quills used by Jane at Chawton Cottage, where she lived and wrote most of her novels.

6) A quill at the side of the transparent window changes from purple to orange.

7) A detailed image of Winchester Cathedral – the resting place of Jane Austen – is featured on the note.

8) The note includes an image of Godmersham Park, home of Jane’s brother. She visited the house often and it is believed that it was the inspiration for a number of her novels.

9) There will be a new tactile feature on the note. A series of dots in the upper left-hand corner will be included to help those visually impaired.

10) The new note will be issued on the 14th September 2017.

11) The old £10 note will come out of circulation in spring 2018, however a date has yet to be confirmed.

12) The first £10 note was introduced in 1759.

13) The new £10 note is 15% smaller than the previous paper £10 note.

15) There have been five £10 note designs to date.

16) A hologram of the coronation crown appears 3D and multi-coloured when the note is tilted.

17) Micro-lettering (tiny letters and numbers) beneath the Queen’s portrait are visible under a microscope.

18) They are never in my purse long enough to know what the note actually looks like.

19) I wonder if these are vegan friendly. The fivers aint.

20) I am still getting over recoiling in horror when I am given a new fiver. Wonder how long it will take before I get used to these.

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