Make Your Own Hair Accessories

Don’t you hate it when the kids hair bows come apart? If your daughter is anything like mine she is all about accessories, especially hair bows! Well instead of spending £$ on new bows you can easily make your own from home.

All you need to make cute Hair Clip Bow is a ribbon, hair clip, and Hot Glue Gun.





Then simply tie the ribbon in a loose bow and put a dab

of hot glue in the center before pulling tight.

This will keep the bow from coming undone.





After the Bow is made simple put a dab of hot glue onto a hair clip and place the Bow on.

Simple and beautiful.






Next and just as simple is a headband bow.


All you need is ribbon, headband, and hot glue gun.

Place a dab of hot glue on the headband in the location you want to tie the Bow.

  Let dry, clean up any access glue, and then done. Simple and Beautiful!


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