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Meeting the BB Season 18 cast. Starting first is our vote. Who do we the people want to vote in? Andrew the “brother”, Simone the “secret”, the “confident” Sue, the “game boy” Tom.

First lets meet the cast mates. Got the posh Arthur from Dunford. Quite a mix review on him, can’t blame the crowd for a spoiled little rich boy. Next out trampoliner from Castleford, Ellie. Her bouncy personality fits her, more than that mouth of hers does! Goodness. She got a better welcome than Arthur did….most likely due to the boobs.

Now we get to meet a little bit of the candidates we are voting in. Andrew is way too much of a gamer for me, too quirky, and I couldn’t understand most of what he said. Not my vote. Simone seems fun but maybe a little too crazy and ditzy. Sue the hurricane and her mouth…..might be too much of a mouth for me. Tom is pretty cute and real but a bit cocky. Well guess we will see shortly who gets the vote. But first lets meet the next housemate the Essex Stripper from Braintree,Lontan.  Well there aren’t really words to say what I feel about him. Talk about an arrogant ass. Please tell me he wont be in the house long. Really not a fan. Apparently neither is most of the crowd.

Now we get to meet the couple from Leeds, Imran and Sukhdvinder a real life Romeo and Juliet. I am not one to judge based on race and they seem like a happy couple. I just hope their nationalities aren’t used against them especially in light of recent events.  They got a great welcome from the crowd, which was truly a blessing to see. The blond bombshells from Yorkshire, Charlotte and Mandy. What a lovely mother daughter duo, other than the sharing men? Crowd seems to really like them even getting some catcalls!

Next up from East London the sisters Deborah and Hannah, the Nigerian Queens. These girls know what its like to have to work to succeed, but they also know how to have some fun. Well “BwiG Bwotha” crowd seems to love them, lets see how the house guests feel. Tan and Tits from South London Joe is something else. His eyes kind of creep me out though. A mixed review from the crowd. Don’t think they like his attitude, I must say I agree.  The hunny trapper that trapped his own boss and now gets to compete with/against them on BB, from Clitheroe, Kieran and Rebecca. They claim 1 time they accidentally slept together, now she claims he is a man whore. I say he’s pretty damn good looking but too “free” for me!

Port Talbot has hot party gal, Kayleigh. We know who is going to be the “dirty” girl making the beds shake early on this season. Oh or maybe not as she claims she is “madly in love”. We shall see! Crowd is pretty mixed about her. She seems to know a couple of the houseguest already, or maybe I understood that wrong? Gamer from Exeter who doesn’t believe in love… Raph, he is quite a mixup. He seems to be a common child of this new generation more wrapped up in video games than the real world. Should be interesting to see how he does being “unplugged”.

The Manchester Model Chanelle isnt very modeley with her threats to “f**k shit up and kill a bitch” wowser. I think the faces on the crowd say a lot about their opinions on her…eek. Well we have the met the housemates and have met the candidates for the peoples housemates. Obviously by the time I hit send voting will be closed but my vote is for Tom, mainly for eye candy purpose. Lets see what the rest of the world decides….the new peoples housemate is….TOM! Join Tom on FB live to help him make his decision of who to exile and don’t forget to follow BigBrother all season!

I will keep updated as much as I can, but alas I cant promise to catch every episode as I am 1000s of miles away!

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