Most Haunted (ish)

During a task Big Brother told Derek he was to hold spiritual tours of each bedroom.

Forest Suite – Paul, Karthik, Josh, Trisha, Marissa, Amelia and Sarah took the first tour with Derek.

In their bedroom there was a little girl child and 2 brothers. One nice one not so nice. The not so nice one was called Malcolm. Derek told Paul that Malcolm is always next to him and watches him eat. Paul told his to “back the f**k up”. Marissa had a kick off to Derek “why bring them in here, I sleep in here”. Derek explained they was here before her.

Forest Suite – The second tour, Jordan, Sam, Helen, Sandi, Shaun, Jemma and Brandi

Jemma grandmother Margaret made contact she told Derek to tell Jemma that she was her angel not just her granny and was always there and to take note of 2 contracts that will be placed in front of her.

Malcolm came back into the second bedroom and tried to channel Jordan. Derek allowed Malcolm to enter Jordan (no stop it not in that way) Derek told Jordan that Malcolm had a big bushy moustache. But Malcolm wasn’t strong enough to enter Jordan (again stop it). Derek told Malcolm to step back he had failed. He wasn’t strong enough.

Derek told Big Brother after that the spirits are interested in the celebrity’s and they are curious. Big Brother then invited Malcolm into the diary room. Malcolm didn’t fancy going in and declined the offer.

Derek then in the garden alone thanked the spirits for helping him make his time in the house more enjoyable.

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