Nominations are in SPOILER

Well it wasn’t quite what I had figured, but pretty close to it.

If you do not have live feeds do not read any further

So the plan is to break up Matt and Raven and to tell them that their plan is to backdoor Kevin.

Jason put up Matt and Raven on the block.

While Matthew and Raven think that Kevin is the target it wouldn’t be too good if he was picked for veto huh? Well guess what? Yep you got it, Kevin was picked! Also picked was Paul and Josh who are in on the plan to break up Maven and get out Matt. Best part of it all is Matt even plans on using the veto on Raven if he wins it! SMH these house guest this year are just morons. No other way to say it.

Wow Alex and Jason open your eyes. Paul is breaking up pair after pair after pair. You don’t think he’s gonna go for you as soon as he gets the chance?!

Well Veto today so I will update tomorrow.

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