Oral Sex Tips – Part 1

Oral sex isn’t as hard as…..

As we all know, the goal of oral sex is to make it FEEL good.  It isn’t just a matter of lick and suck! Let’s get it right.  Here are some great tips:

You don’t need to deep throat!

I know, we have all been told that the best blowjobs include deep throating however that truly isn’t the case.  Try wrapping your hand around the bottom of his shaft and then take the rest of his penis in your mouth.   If that doesn’t suit you, place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth so that his penis is hitting the underside of your tongue.

He doesn’t have to ejaculate!

Don’t always make the goal to get him to the release.  It isn’t always about that.  Yes, if you are performing a quick blowjob, that is the goal but if you want to carry it out to the main event, use oral sex as the precursor.  Take your time.  Seduce him with your mouth!

Is your jaw tired?  

Yes… This happens to the best of us and when it does, then it has become a chore.  Take your time.  Alternate between mouth and hands.  Be sure when you are using your hands to be very flirty and use your tongue to lick the tip.

Lube is a must. 

Not all lubes taste awful.  There are many flavoured lubes that are not sticky and can taste fruity or minty.  Try babeland.com for some good ones.  Lubing the shaft really makes for an easy stroke.


I know, some of us hate to talk in the bedroom but it is very important for both partners to communicate.  What works, what doesn’t.  If you don’t talk, a lot of energy could be wasted

Use hands and mouth. 

Have you ever felt that tiny bump on the underside of his penis where the meets the tip?  Use it!!!  Place the tip of your finger on it and then take his shaft, along with your finger, into your mouth.  As you move your mouth up and down, rub your finger over the F-Spot.

This is just part 1. 

I will continue with more on how to make Oral Sex as pleasurable as possible for both men and woman soon.   Now get out of your dressing gowns and into the bedroom and PRACTICE!!!!

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  1. If you don’t like the thought of putting his penis in your mouth? A tip is get your man to wash his penis (not forgetting under the rim lol) and then give it a final rinse with some diluted mouth wash. I heard all about this after watching a chat show with a famous male welsh singer on that uses mouth wash on his penis to make sure everything down there is sterile and tasty. And yes it makes for tastier treat for you both.

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