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Easy Peasy Closet Decluttering..
Is your closet overfull? Do you have a lot of clothes you no longer wear? Are you having trouble locating that perfect dress you bought last year and only wore once but want to wear it to an upcoming event? Then it is time to get organized. First, you should read an article I wrote earlier about decluttering: Get rid of all the clothes you no longer wear. See my tip in my Decluttering article: This will save you a bit of time on getting rid of the clothes you really never wear. The next step is to look at the clothes that you THINK you want to keep and ask yourself these questions:
Do I love it?
Do I wear it?
Does it feel good when I wear it?
Are the shoe heels too high to wear all day?
Does it have stains?
Does it fit?
Does it say anything about who I am or the image I want to project?
After answering all those questions, any NO goes into the donation box or taken to a local a consignment shop.
The next step is put everything in one area of your closet and then clean everything including walls, baseboards, racks, etc. Why do all this work to put everything back on a dirty rack?
Once everything is cleaned it is time to organize. I have a closet system with different levels of height and different lengths as well as shelves. I like having different heights so I can hang long dresses in one area and then have shorter heights so I can add shelves. Personally, I hang all my full length dresses together, and then my short dresses and skirts. I hang them in one area and then I separate and hang all my blouses and shirts together and then again, separate and hang all my blazers and jackets together. I personally hang all my jeans in one section and trousers in another. The last section is my lingerie. Once all your hanging articles are done, look at what space that you have left. I have a shoe rack below all my clothes all the way around the room that sits on the floor. This works well for me. On the shelves I store  boxed items that I have. I also have a purse organizer

on one of the shelves and use this to store my hats as well. I use a scarf holder

for all my scarfs and a belt holder for my belts. I picked them up at the department store and they truly are a life saver. Hang some command strips on your closet door for items that you use all the time. Another great idea is a 3 or 4 tier plastic storage binfrom a department store to store any loose items that you want to keep in your closet.
The last step to organizing your closet is to KEEP IT ORGANIZED. When you walk into your closet with something to put away, take the time to put it where it belongs. Be sure when you are doing your weekly housework that you stop by and dust and sweep/hoover the closet too!!!

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