Out with the old – DeCluttering our Lives


Out with the old, in with the….

Let’s just do Out with Old! Good morning everyone.   I hope everyone enjoyed their Father’s Day Weekend. Whether you are a mum taking on both roles or able to spend the day with the fathers in your lives.

Personally, we took a Sunday drive and just had a scrumptious Stuffed Scallop dinner prepared by ME.
On Saturday, once again, I tackled the weekly cleaning of the home but this week. I dug deep into the refrigerator and freezer and did some thorough cleaning.  It always feels good to de-clutter.

Thinking of de-cluttering, with summer in full swing, if you haven’t already done it, you really need to kick it into high gear.  Throughout the year, we all add to our collection of “stuff” in our homes and once a year, it is a good idea to go through and get rid of “stuff” you no longer use.  Someone once told me that I needed to go into my closet and put all my clothes on the hangers going in the same direction towards the back of the wall.  Whenever I wore something, when I hung it back it up, reverse the way the hanger was hung previously.  At the end of the year, any clothes on hangers facing the original direction should be sold or given to charity.  This year, I did that!!! I made some good money selling the clothes at my garage sale.

Here are some other great ideas to help with Decluttering I found on the internet and I am going to put some to use

Cardboard food boxes

they take up a lot of room.  Put your cereal and pasta and other dry goods into glass jars(I prefer mason style)

Shoes and Boots in the mudroom(foyer)

Get a tub, basket or something similar and throw them all in it.  If they don’t want to put away their foot ware, put it in a basket and off the floor.


Go through it and ditch it if it is old and you haven’t worn it in quite some time.  Mascara is good for 3 months.  Foundation and concealer, 1 year.  Lipstick, eye shadow and blush, 2 years.

Medicine Chest

Get rid of expired medications


Did you know that most spices should be replaced after a year?  One way to know if it needs to go in the garbage is to give it a whiff.  No scent, no flavor, no good.

Cards, bags and Wrapping paper

Do you really need that Christmas card from Aunt Sally from 1986?  Of course not.  How about the roll of wrapping paper with less than a sheet left on it?  Ditch it.   Now, if you have a lot of rolls, put them all in a nice long plastic storage container instead of thrown in the closet on a shelf

Old Food

ok, now this is the hard one for me.  I hate to throw away food with all the starving children in the world but listen, if it is expired, it isn’t going to do you any good.  One thing I notice is that sometimes I will have a coupon for something and I will go gangbusters thinking I need a whole ton of it and then realize, I don’t even like it.  So, if you are like me and have 12 cans of black beans in your pantry and they are about to expire, DONATE to the local food bank.  My cupboards may be a lot barer but someone that needs food will benefit.

I think I will end here for today.

One is I would like to delve into soon is ORGANIZING the clutter.  Much like putting the cardboard boxed foods into jars, there are many other ways we can declutter our lives by properly storing things and getting rid of the clutter.  Maybe next week I will move into that area    Hope everyone has a great day and I will be back soon!!

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