Parent’s biggest curse?

Parent’s biggest curse?



Screaming through the night?

Fussy Eater?

Nope. A parent’s worst nightmare I can reveal is standing on a Lego brick.

Laughing and scoffing at me? You have obviously never stood on a little yellow inch long bas***d in the middle of the night.

If you ever hear a neighbour screaming out in the middle of the night don’t panic they aint being murdered chances are they have stood on a sodding red 4’er or even worse a long white 8’er.

Parents will be all too familiar with the intense, sharp pain in feet caused by an unassuming Lego brick.

It has probably led to a fair few outbursts in homes all over the country as mums and dads yell: “How many times do I have to tell you to put your toys “@@##!*5$#@” away?”

Why does stepping on Lego hurt so much? Scientists reveal why the tiny bricks cause such pain.

Lego is made out of ABS plastic – three types of material combined to give the bricks strength, resistance and shininess.

But all those qualities we look for in our Lego combine to make a very strong toy that doesn’t give way under pressure.

This means that when we accidentally step on them, the force of our weight concentrates itself on the point of contact which is usually a really sharp corner.

Even if we step on the whole of the top surface of the brick, it still hurts a whole lot.

Why? The bottom of our foot can have over 200,000 sensory receptors and, because the Lego doesn’t give way when we step on it, it instead forces the pressure of your weight back up into your foot, causing pain.

But basically, the moral of the story is try to keep your Lego bricks off the floor, because it REALLY effing hurts when you step on one of them.

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