Parents get ready for it.

Be warned. Get prepared.

Studies have shown the average child will utter their first ‘I’m bored …’ just TEN DAYS into the summer holidays.

A detailed study found while the majority of the nation’s school children are longing for the six-week break to begin, they will soon ‘run out of things to do’. But even more worrying is the fact that once the kids hit the boredom breaking point, parents can expect to hear the dreaded moan up to FOUR times every day. It also emerged more than half of parents reckon their children will start to look forward to going back to start a new school year around halfway through their time off.
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Forty eight per cent of parents occupy their kids with a bit of messy home baking, while one in two play video games as a family. Just over a third sit down to play board games together. To break up the summer, 71 per cent of parents make sure they go away on holiday with their kids for an average of ten days across the break. When their child tells them they are stuck for things to do, 37 per cent of parents suggest that they do their chores to occupy their time, and a quarter will tell them to tidy their room. As kids near a loose end, two thirds are likely to moan to mum and dad about their situation, and 17 per cent have thrown tantrums in frustration.

‘But you’ve got loads of toys’

‘If you’re so bored you can always help with the chores!’

‘Go and amuse yourself’

‘When I was your age I had a lot less and I managed’

‘Tidy your room’

‘You don’t know how lucky you are’

‘Can’t you go and see your friends?’

‘We’ll go and see your grandparents, then?’

I didn’t add the favourite in my home….

‘Only boring people get bored’

And the all-time classic….

‘P** **F and go find something to amuse yourself cos you are seriously getting on my tits’

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