Tesco is getting rid of 5p carrier bags and forgetful shoppers will have to pay for more expensive Bag for Life bags. From 28th August the single use 5p carrier bag, is being replaced with a new Bag for Life costing 10p.

It follows a trial at three stores in Dundee, Aberdeen and Norwich where customers have not had the 5p bags since May. Since the law changed in October 2015 larger retailers have had to charge customers for plastic bags and usage of single-use carrier bags has dropped by more than 85 per cent, according to government figures.

The UK’s biggest supermarket says that it has given out 1.5 billion fewer single-use bags since the rule change, but that it still sells over 700 million a year. It believes that removing single use carrier bags will significantly reduce the number of bags sold and help cut litter and landfill.

Money raised from the sale of the 5p plastic bag goes to community groups and green projects. The supermarket confirmed that this would continue to be funded by the sale of the new 10p bag. The new bag for life is made of 94 per cent recycled plastic and will be replaced for free if damaged.

Customers who order their shopping online will still be able to opt for a single use carrier bag for their shopping or select a bagless delivery. Tesco also revealed today that it will be removing single-use wine carriers and lowering the price of its ‘Carry me bottle bag’ from £1 to 40p.

Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey added: “I welcome Tesco wanting to go further and help their customers use even fewer plastic bags. The switch to a Bag for Life will continue to help reduce litter and boost recycling, helping to leave the environment in a better state than we found it.”

I have a boot full of Bags for Life and every time I nip in for a few bits I forget to take a bag I end up with a trolley full. I refuse to buy any more bags for life. I have told the kids they are green and Eco-friendly. When I die wrap me up in the buggers and bury me in the garden.

Source: BBC News

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