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Summer Holidays are fast upon us!

What to do for 6 weeks?

Before you start looking into putting the kids into foster care check out these easy peasy lemon squeezy activities for you and your little dots.

Betty and Bernice the Flower Pot Birds

diy pot
Play with a Pot!

You will need

2 large clay pots for head and body

10 small clay pots for arms and legs.



Beads, sequins, crafty arty stuff.

Clear weatherproof varnish.

4 clothes pegs


Take one of the large clay pots and turn upside down. This will be the body. Imagine from neck down.

Get the kids to paint their outfits. Add beads and sparkles for necklaces and jewellery.

While the kids are painting the clothes cover all the smaller pots with the clear weatherproof varnish, inside and out.

Once the kids have finished with the big pots and the paint has dried cover with the clear weatherproof varnish.

With the second big pot keep this upright. Get the kids to paint on the faces. Again once dried cover the lot with clear weatherproof varnish.

Leave overnight to dry. Maybe adding a second coat if the kids will let you.

You should now have 2 big pots painted/varnished and 10 smaller pots just varnished.

Take 2 lengths of string the same length 2 foot or so.

Tie one end to the clothes peg, repeat on the second length of the string.

Thread 2 smaller pots onto the string with the clothes peg going inside the pot to hold it in place, you have now created the arms. With the other end of the string thread it through the top of the “body” pot. Thread the string through 3 more upturned pots. And tie the end of the string around another clothes pegs to keep the legs in place. Repeat the other side.

Add the “face” pot on top of the “body and add a trailing plant to create hair.

Time 2 days

Cost 3 quid per pot person

Tears none if your kid can paint a face this one for you.

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