PreEviction Update

Well tonight is eviction night for BBUS and a little birdie told me 2 people are also leaving the BBUK house tonight too!


BBUS live feeds still have the “back door” plan in place by Paul and his minions Christmas, Alex, Jason, Matt, and Raven. Kevin has told Jess about the plan to vote out Ramses instead of Josh and so Jess and Elena have been gathering troops to try to make sure the numbers still stand on Josh going out. For sure we know Cody, Elena, and Mark are voting for Josh to leave. Paul, Christmas, Alex, Jason, Matt, and Raven are still saying they are voting for Ramses to go. We don’t know what Kevin is doing. However even if Kevin votes for Ramses to leave to numbers are still with the snake and his minions.  I really hope someone flips the script on the script flip because I hate for Ramses to go home as a pawn. He is a floater and not a big deal if he goes but I am sick of listening to Josh cry and yell all the time.  Before lockdown today most of the house was studying tattoos they saw on a guest visitor or something we didn’t see. Obviously this is connected to tonights HOH contest. Cody, Jess, Mark, Ramses, and Josh were not studying. We are now on lockdown to we will see what happens in tonights live eviction and HOH contest and then I will pick up live feeds to finish out the HOH for you all.

BBUK brought us the BB wedding of the year with Deborah finally agreeing to marry Kieran! What a wedding it was from Kierans ex crashing it to Sukvindah coming in and causing a stir, but they finally made it through with their vows and on to the reception. The lovely couple enjoyed their first dance to the talented Chanelle! The fun didn’t stop there! Housemates got to hear feedback and opinions from the exhousemates and boy did they let it be heard. Rebecca went off on Hannah, Chanelle called Andrew a snake, words were thrown and voices were raised. This didn’t end well for the lovely newlyweds, in fact it ended up causing such a riff in their marriage they got a divorce. While Deborah, Hannah, Rafe, and Andrew celebrated with Sukvindah, Imran, Rebecca, and Chanelle, Kieran alongside his best mate Tom and exgirlfriend Issy were left locked out of the party. By the end of the night they were all celebrating together….well maybe not celebrating, more like at war with each other! Chanelle and Rebecca, not even housemates anymore, were about ready to strangle each other. Andrew still very upset over being called a snake let the whole house know how he felt. Interesting to see what happens tonight in the aftermath of what will always be known as the wedding that turned into a war.

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