makeup removal and cleansing. its important.


Ladies, are you removing your makeup?

If you’re like me, or most woman, you don’t really think about makeup removal as long as you wash it off then you’re good to go right…..wrong.


It isn’t just about wiping the makeup off and going to bed. There is much more to how and why to remove your make up and cleanse your face. Follow the link below to find out how to have the cleanest, smoothest, freshest face around.

Step-by-step makeup removal

•    Wash your hands well.
•    Pour a small quantity of makeup remover, micellar water or facial cleanser onto a cotton pad. Of course, some products can be applied directly to wet skin, without requiring the use of a pad.
•    Sweep the cotton pad over your face; or lather the product with your fingers (in the case of cleansers applied directly to the skin). Avoid harsh rubbing.
•    Repeat until your cotton pad comes up free of all makeup and impurities.
•    Take a clean, soft facecloth, rinse it under hot water and use it to wipe away any residual product from your face.
•    End by applying toner with a cotton pad to top off the cleansing, restore your skin’s pH balance and prepare it for moisturizer.
Good to know!
Because the skin around the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive, always use a product that has been created especially for this area of the face. It will eliminate makeup without your having to tug at your eye contour. If you use waterproof mascara, you will need an oil-based eye makeup remover.

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