Put Down The Seat!

Nothing infuriates me more than when my son and boyfriend leave the darn toilet seat up! Especially when in the middle of the night, house is dark, too asleep to put my glasses on, maybe even a little tipsy from the bar, and I go stumbling to the bathroom and sit down to release my very full bladder and splash, fall right into the toilet.

I swear next time I sit down in the toilet instead of on it, I am going to drown my boys in the toilet! How hard is it for them to put the seat down when they flush the toilet…..I guess that is one thing I can say 99% of the time they do remember to actually flush, more than some can say.

Also how big is the average toilet bowl? About 16 inches. How can they manage to pee all over the bowl but not IN it? I swear my 10 year old stands there with his hands on his hips just letting his pee stream go wherever it will. I keep a giant container of Clorox wipes next to the toilet now and make him wipe it down every time he pees. I will say since doing this he is getting much better at hitting the bowl!

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