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no razor stop shaving

Put down the razor!!!

There’s a reason we have pubic hair….

Don't shave
You still shave??

We all shave or know someone who does…..but why do we do it? For looks? Because you feel “dirty”? Well guess what ladies STOP! You heard me right. Put down that razor! Stop shaving that beaver! There is a reason we have pubic hair. Much the same as we have nose hairs.

Nose hair

I can ask you why we have nose hairs and you will say “because it catches the crap from going in your nose”. Well guess what…..same with your pubic hair! So the whole idea of because you feel dirty is totally debunked. Actually, shaving increases your risk of infection and bacteria! You want to not feel dirty…..wash it. That’s it. Simple.

Stop bacteria

Not only does your pubic hair stop bad particles from entering your body (thus reducing the risk of bacteria) it also acts as a barrier between your sensitive areas and friction from clothes, skin, ect, reducing the risk of chaffing. You want to shave along your underwear line or bikini line so your hair doesn’t play peekaboo under those cute black panties, then have at it.

Only shave your bikini line

Make sure you lather the area well with shave gel and use a new razor. Also go with the grain to avoid ingrown hairs and nicks which can lead to infection. Trim the hair around you nether reasons but for the sake of your hoo-ha…..stop shaving it!

don't shave
Don’t shave!

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