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Reasons Most Men Cheat

Studies have found some astonishing reasons for male cheating. Although it is true that men cheat, but it would be unfair to say that all men cheat. Women also cheat on their partners.

However, since we are discussing men we will stick with them.

Men don’t always cheat on their partners because they have stopped loving them. There can be a host of other reasons, which can drive a man to cheat.

The recent research confirms that around 40% of married men cheat. However, it also confirms that not all men cheat.

Contrary to belief, men that cheat are mostly satisfied and happy with their marriages. According to researchers, 57% of cheating men are completely satisfied with their married lives. The reason why men cheat is that they are unable to solve their relationship problems. They just cheat so another woman can satisfy their sexual urge so they can act better around their wives.

Surprisingly, cheating is not associated with love in any aspect. It all falls under discipline. The hormonal vibrations that govern sexual responses are not associated with love. It takes incredible self-discipline and control for a man to overlook a beautiful female colleague or friend. In some cases, men resort to cheating because they lack the discipline to control themselves in a tempting situation. Yes, it is very true. Sometimes when the female counterpart in a relationship is sexually satisfied, but the male counterpart’s sexual thirst remains unsatisfied. Men feel it’s completely okay for them to go to someone else to quench their sexual desires. They think that because their wife/partner is satisfied so it is OK to satisfy their sexual urges elsewhere.

Admit it, men, you have a weakness for sex.

You want it all the time. However, for some men, keeping this weakness a secret is important. They usually think that if they open up about their sexual needs to their wife /partner, she will end up taking advantage of his weakness. This is why such men end up cheating.

Overconfidence in a relationship has the designs of hurting it.

When the wife has overconfidence in her relationship and she cannot think of living without her husband. The husband takes advantage of it because he knows that his wife will not leave him.

Just because he is a lovey-dovey and googly-eyed around you, does not mean he cannot cheat on you. His lack of self-discipline may lead him to cheat.

Men are smart.

Stop looking for his misbehaviour or any signs Men are smart. If they are cheating, they will always be sure not to leave any traces. When you are actively looking for signs or misbehaviour, they pick up on it and rethink their strategy so that they don’t blow their cover.

If he cheated, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you! He does love you and no other woman can take that place. However, it will take a lot of patience and cooperation from your end to make things right. Try to learn about the anatomy of cheating and resolve your problems openly with your husband.

Forgive him,

But on the right terms. If you love him truly and do not want to ruin your life, forgive him. However, he has to apologize for his actions. You should also take up a daily regimen or hobby with him. Therefore, you two can come close again.

The change will come but not that quickly. He will change, but not overnight. Your persistent efforts will be vital for making everything good again.

Know when you should move on. If your efforts do not change him, just move on. You deserve someone who will appreciate your efforts. I know I did, after years of forgiving and promising to be a better wife I suddenly realised it was time to stop being a mug and move on. Plenty more fish in the sea. Let someone else take on my ex-octopus.

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