Rhino escapes on Tinder. Looking for Lurve


Save the Northern White Rhino

It has been reported today in many news articles that a rhino is on Tinder.

Yes, you read correctly a rhino is on Tinder. Sudan is a 41-year-old rare northern white. He is 6ft tall and weighs around 5000lbs. He describes himself as “the world’s most eligible bachelor”.

The main reason behind Sudan been on tinder is to highlight that he is the world’s last surviving male. The Last Man on earth! It is hoped that it will raise awareness and are hoping to raise a whopping $9 Million (£7.1m) to get the sperm from Sudan. To then fertilize eggs provided by the last two surviving female whites.

So, would you Swipe Right, let us know your comments.


Swipe right or swipe left?

By Chatty Chan

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