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The Sun put Tesco, Aldi, Asda and Sainsbury’s budget school uniforms to the test. So which is really top of the class?

From just £3.75 to kit out your kids with a new school uniform sounds too good to be true and The Sun can reveal that it is. Budget supermarket Aldi launched a full uniform for a fiver and have now dropped the price to just £3.75 but after the lab experts put school-wear from four supermarkets through the wringer they scored bottom marks.

The tests were carried out at Manchester Fashion Institute and Barbara Shepherd, Head of Business Engagement, said: “Supermarkets are still relatively new to this market and are competing to get uniforms out cheaper than the next. Aldi will likely be selling this as a loss-leader but it gets people through the door. That’s why it’s really important that independent testing lets parents see exactly what quality they’re getting for their money.”

1st – TESCO £9.50  

The Sun tested a white polo shirt, a blue unisex sweatshirt containing ‘as new technology’ to make clothes look new for longer plus a pair of grey trousers and a pleated skirt that were coated with Teflon fabric protector. Mum-of-two Jane Wood, who did the testing at the Institute, said: “Tesco was the best polo shirt for holding its colour. The sweatshirt isn’t bad but many more washes and bobbling might start to be more visible.”

2nd – ASDA £8.50


Jane put white polo shirts, a navy sweatshirt, slim fit flat front grey trousers and a grey pleated skirt from George at Asda to the test. The sweater which they boast retains colour brightness for at least 20 washes did well in the test, as did their trousers and skirt which have Teflon protector. “Asda didn’t do well on the polo shirt, which started to lose its colour. There’s some yellowing and it looks to have shrunk the most. Asda’s sweater was praised and appeared to retain its colour brightness for at least 20 washes.

3rd – SAINSBURY’S £14.50

The Sun tested the unisex white polo tops and navy crew sweatshirts, boys’ grey slim fit trousers and girls’ black pleated skirts. Sainsbury’s say their sweatshirt stays brighter for longer and the trousers and skirt are easy iron. The sweaters from Sainsburys didn’t fare well and the collar on the top one almost collapsed. The polo shirt from Sainsburys was best at retaining its shape and size

4th – ALDI £3.75

Jane put white polo shirts, grey trousers and black pleated skirt to the test, which Aldi say are all ecological, dry quicker and repel water-based stains so they look new for longer. The Sun also tested their blue sweater. But Jane told said “I’m starting to see colour loss and degradation on the polo shirt. It has also shrunk. The trousers did well but the problem for Aldi is the sweatshirt was thin, it didn’t feel nice quality and wouldn’t keep your child as warm. Jane said she also noticed colour loss and degradation on the polo shirt

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