A few months ago I started noticing that my boyfriend of three years was acting a weird. I caught him in the garden whispering on the phone late at night and when I would ask him who it was he would just say something about a work mate. Taking his phone into the bathroom with him and telling me he was in the middle of a game.

I became increasingly suspicious. I knew he was cheating on me and I was utterly heartbroken. So instead of speaking to him I decided to snoop through his phone, gym bag and drawers to try and find some answers and proof. While going through his phone calendar, I saw that he was planning on going to a restaurant this Friday night. When Friday night rolled around, he told me he would be working late and wouldn’t be able to make it home for dinner. Total Dick, I instantly knew he was lying and decided to show up at the restaurant to catch him cheating on me.

As I angrily walked into the restaurant the first thing I saw was my mum. WTF. Hang on….my boyfriend and my MUM????? I didn’t know whether to be sick or smack her.

I turned round to confront the bastard only to see my boyfriend on one knee with an engagement ring in his hand. Turns out he was planning a surprise proposal this whole time and knew I was getting suspicious. He decided to teach me a lesson. The lesson of trust.


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