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Reported on Channel 7 news a pre-school teacher in America has been fired from her job at a Christian school after refusing to quit her second career as a porn actress. Nina Skye, 21 from Los Angeles said she loved helping her students learn. She also loves sex and the money she can earn from it, earning up to $3,300 from one movie. School head teachers and governors argued that her sex work went against the school’s religious values. They moved to have her fired.

The preschool teacher who lives a double life as a porn actress has been fired from her day job. At a religious LA church school. After refusing to quit her sexy evening job. “I love teaching, I love sex. If I can get away with doing both, then I will. She told her former bosses in May when she was summoned to attend a meeting.

The brunette admits she’d been thinking about working in the sex industry for a while before she took the plunge.  “I guess some people are really tied by that moral code. There’s a really big stigma associated with it. And how our society views it but that’s not how I am I’m really open-minded. Super open-minded and not judgmental.”

The sacked teacher admitted money was a big draw when it came to becoming involved in the porn industry. “It is easy money. For my very first scene, I just did a regular boy-girl scene. I got paid $2,500,” she explained. “I’d never had that much money ever just handed to me in my life.”

Nina Skye said what she does in her spare time doesn’t stop her being a good teacher.


Maybe if they didn’t pay teachers such a pittance, she wouldn’t have had to take up a second job!

What do you think? Personally, as long as both lives do not conflict with each other I can’t see an issue. Maybe one or two red faces from dads at parents evenings.

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