Soapy Bubbles – Week 19th June

UK TV Soap update

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Ian is feeling down on Father’s Day without Lucy or Peter around. When Steven tries to make a touching father-son gesture, he’s left feeling rejected by Ian’s lack of enthusiasm. Later, at the Vic, Steven feels even more pushed aside after an awkward conversation with Ted about Louie.

Meanwhile, Abi is put out when Max invites Lauren to join them at the café. When Lauren teams up with Jack for a Father’s Day surprise for Max, Abi is even more put out and she storms off. Finding a miserable Steven outside, Abi tries to be supportive. But her bitterness towards Lauren bursts out and she tells Steven about Lauren’s abortion!

Kush has the day with Arthur and Lily ends up finding out about Stacey’s pregnancy. When Lily accidentally lets the cat out of the bag, everyone is happy for them and they celebrate the news in the Vic.

EastEnders Weekly Update


Bethany packs her things, only panicking when she can’t find her passport. Mary calls at No.8 and Bethany admits she’s going to start a new life with Nathan. Mary bars her way and, likening the situation to her own rape, begs Bethany to see that the things Nathan makes her do are wrong. Adamant that Nathan loves her, Bethany bundles Mary out of the way. As Nathan pulls up will Bethany get into his car?

Drew drops Summer off with Billy and Todd, explaining he hasn’t told Summer about their plan yet as he’d like her to get to know them first. As they chat over lunch, will Todd find himself warming to Summer?

Kevin quizzes Rana about Anna’s medication and is interested to find out that a low libido is one of the side effects.

Coronation Street
Corrie Weekly Update


Fed up with Ross and his evil blackmail campaign over Robert and Rebecca’s secret accidental pregnancy, Robert decides the time has come to get revenge. And Aaron’s up for helping him. The lads are delighted when they come up with the idea of nabbing Ross’ taxi and crushing it at the yard. Will furious Ross retaliate?

Rhona is finding it really hard to move on and erase rapist husband Pierce from her mind. It doesn’t help matters when her son Leo draws a family picture, which includes Pierce.

At Home Farm, Lawrence’s strange behaviour results in Chrissie getting suspicious. What is he up to?

Emmerdale Weekly Update


Marnie’s furious when she sees Neeta and Mac on a date. It’s just too awkward for Neeta when Marnie serves them at Nightingale’s and she leaves. Myra inadvertently gives Marnie a wicked plan for payback on Mac – but could it backfire?

Meanwhile, Lisa’s annoyed when she discovers Sonia’s invited Zack to visit her in Belgium. Lisa and Tegan plot to get Leela and Zack back together. Will it work?

Struggling to cope with her schoolwork, Lily asks Sally for an exam extension. When Sally says no, however, Lily plans to cheat.

Also, Mercedes hatches a plan.

HollyOaks Weekly Update

Home and Away

Patrick suffers a PTSD episode after the car accident. He looks at an injured Ava on the ground and is convinced that she is dead. He tries to pick her up while shouting out an army command, but Phoebe convinces him not to move Ava. Ava is rushed to hospital where Tori treats her for her injuries. Will she make it out alive?

Meanwhile, Patrick is taken to the police station where he tests negative for alcohol and drugs. Kat calls Ash and tells him about Patrick’s accident. Ash races to the station and comforts his brother. Will Patrick finally come clean and tell Ash what happened in Afghanistan to cause his PTSD? And will Patrick be able to work through his illness?

Home and Away
Home and Away Weekly Update


When Xanthe leaves work early with some food, she disappears into the shadows, her movements unknown to anyone, except one individual… what is Xanthe up to?

Meanwhile, worried by something she’s found, Terese requests an appointment with Karl…

Also, the Robinsons unite and help one another on a day of big change, marking a new phase for the family…

Neighbours Weekly Update


Emma is working from home when she gets a surprise visitor- it’s Bren. Bren claims to have cleaned up her act and changed her ways. She even brings Emma a new rug as a peace offering after she ruined her old carpet last year, but Emma isn’t convinced and sends Bren packing. Later, Ayesha comes home and sees a rug in the bin and asks Emma about it. Will Emma tell Ayesha the truth?

Shak refuses to engage with Ruhma and Heston over their upcoming wedding. Heston is furious and tells Ruhma she needs to teach him some respect. How will Ruhma respond to Heston’s parenting advice? Also, Ruhma has a big question for Mrs Tembe…

Doctors Weekly Update

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