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EastEnders Weekly Update

Patrick tells Denise that he wants a quiet birthday, insisting he doesn’t want her spending money on him. Although Patrick protests, Denise insists that he go for a drink at The Vic. Meanwhile, Yolande is back in the Square for a visit as she has some important Minute Mart business to discuss with Derek. Before she leaves she pops into The Vic to wish Patrick happy birthday. How will he feel about seeing her?

There’s more birthday celebrations to think about – this time for Mick – as he gets stuck into arranging a 40th birthday party for Linda. When Shirley sees how much effort he’s putting in, she wonders why he wants to make things so perfect.

Carmel realises the market is in disarray since she took up her new job with the council. They finally find a new part-time Market Enforcement Officer… Robbie Jackson!


Corrie Street
Corrie Weekly Update

When Eileen sees Phelan getting into a car with Nicola she fears he’s got another woman. As Phelan does his best to make a good impression on Nicola, after she walks in on him having a set-to with Seb, we’re left wondering why he’s so keen to impress her?

Aidan takes Maria back to the flat, determined to prove their days of sneaking around are almost over. But he fails to spot a text from Eva, revealing she’s coming home early. Back from France, Eva confides in Leanne that she might be pregnant. At the flat Aidan’s forced to hide a half-dressed Maria, but will he get away with it this time?

When Robert reveals he’s raising the money to buy Nick’s share of the Bistro, Michelle suggests she could buy it with her proceeds from the Rovers’ sale. When Michelle then bumps into her ex, Will, will she agree to join him for a catch-up.


Emmerdale Weekly Update

In The Woolpack, Rhona fumes as she overhears the locals talking about Pierce in glowing terms. Unable to hear another word of it, the vet speaks out, finally revealing how Pierce raped her on their wedding day. Not long after her revelation, Rhona appears to be being stalked…

Pete and Leyla get back on track as passion strikes. But when Priya – who recently slept with her best-mate’s bloke – hears about it, she can’t help feeling jealous and upset.

Josh appears covered in bruises. What’s happened to the troubled and troublesome teen?


HollyOaks Weekly Update

Dirk is concerned about Holly, while Cindy decides to get a lodger to make some extra money. With DS Armstrong interested in Cindy’s ‘room 4 rent’ poster, could Cindy or Holly be his next victim?

Hunter is devastated by Neeta’s decision. Meanwhile, when Prince returns, Lily breaks down in his arms. She wants him to stay, but he’s worried about dad Shane’s reaction.

Also, Cleo begs Shane not to tell Warren about Katy and promises to do anything to protect Joel…

Home and Away

Home and Away
Home and Away Weekly Update

Phoebe and Justin prepare to say their goodbyes with a party at Salt and she performs a final song to get everyone in the party mood. Just as Justin begins to relax, Brian turns up with Ava. Justin is overwhelmed to see his daughter and Phoebe begins to feel guilty about taking him away; especially when Justin performs a heartbreaking ballad for Ava.

Just as Justin prepares to leave, Ava calls him ‘Dad’ for the first time. What does this mean for Phoebe and Justin?

Roo has had a tense phone call with James and turns to Leah for comfort. Roo explains it was James’ parents placed a restraining order on Roo, not James. She then goes on to explains that James’s dad is a millionaire and doesn’t want the baby to inherit any of the family fortune. What will Roo do?


Neighbours Weekly Update

Sonya and Toadie are over the moon to hear that Sonya won’t be facing a prison sentence. The pair seem to be getting closer by the minute so is their marriage back on track?

Piper and Gary are anxious about Terese’s doctor’s appointment to get her biopsy results later today, but Terese doesn’t want to dwell on it. Determined to get on with her life, she heads off to work. Acting out of character, Paul realises that something is wrong with Terese. After giving her a shoulder to cry on Paul accompanies Terese to get her test results, which give her the all-clear. However, Terese receives news that could possibly put her health in jeopardy again…

Finally, Mishti and Leo are flirting at the caf-. However, they’re interrupted when Leo receives a call and rushes off. What is he hiding?


Doctors Weekly Update

Mrs Tembe tries to talk Heston and Ruhma about their upcoming nuptials, but both of them give her the cold shoulder. So Mrs Tembe redirects her efforts into planning Ruhma’s hen night. She discusses her plans with Emma, Karen and Zara, but they can’t agree on an idea and Mrs Tembe feels frustrated.

Later, she tries to address the wedding plans with Ruhma again, but she’s evasive. Can Mrs Tembe help Ruhma through her wedding woes?

Ayesha and Bren join forces and head the council to protest against the demolition of Amber’s home. Will this bring Ayesha and Bren closer together? And will their protest be a success?


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