Soapy Bubbles – Week 4th July

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Sonia tries to talk to Martin about Bex’s living situation and they soon end up in a huge row about whether Bex should live with her mum or dad. After talking to Citizen’s Advice, Sonia gets the all-clear and tries to encourage Dot to let Robbie and Bex move in with them, too. After recognising that the decision is really Bex’s to make, Sonia agrees to get more involved in other ways, but takes up Martin’s suggestion that she goes to a meeting with Bex’s teacher in his place.

Louise is miserable when she is forced to pull out of the showcase because of what happened with Keegan. At school, Alexandra swoops straight in and takes Louise’s place.

Mick, Fi and Shirley are interviewing for a new barmaid at The Vic. Will Tracy get her job back or will she get booted aside for someone else? Meanwhile, Steven switches Lauren’s phone charger for one with a secret spy camera attached to it…


Despite the vicar’s warning, Billy and Todd enter the church, determined to pay their respects to Drew.

Michelle is shocked by what Robert tells her about his past and then laments to Leanne that he’s only been the sole owner for 24 hours. Leanne’s gutted to realise Nick has no intention of coming back. Robert calls Rich and tells him he’s prepared to do one deal for him.

Aidan presents Eva with a voucher for a spa day so she invites Maria to join her. Maria accepts and tells David that she’s going to tell Eva the truth about Aidan. Aidan’s horrified to see Eva and Maria setting off together as David reveals Maria’s plans to tell Eva everything.

When the factory girls receive invitations to Johnny and Jenny’s wedding, Jenny’s furious, realising this is Johnny’s way of trying to win her back. Later, Jenny rejects Matthew Singh’s offer of a date, but not to be deterred, he puts his number into her phone. Fiz parks herself at Chesney’s bedside.


With Arthur in the know about her having manipulated Ashley’s memory of the Emmerdale pile-up, during which he witnessed Emma push James to his death, Emma needs to shut down the situation – and fast. After praying to God for help, Emma feels as if He’s answered her prayers when she comes up with an idea which could well shut Arthur up. The evil nurse sets a trap and lies in wait… Will Arthur take the bait?

Charity’s bored and lonely. Catching sight of Frank and Megan looking loved-up and carefree sets her teeth on edge. Wanting to burst Megan’s bubble, she decides she’s going to reveal her affair with Frank. Miaow!

At Home Farm, Lawrence panics when a hand-written letter arrives for Chrissie. Are his lies about to be exposed?



Cindy and Simone go head to head at the charity Walkathon, but will both women play fair?

Meanwhile, as Warren gets spooked when Myra mentions Bart, Grace sabotages his bid for the new club. When they sleep together again, Grace realises she doesn’t want a new club, she just wants The Loft. So she concocts a crafty plan to make sure she gets her hands on it…

Also, Myra’s furious to hear that Goldie’s considering going on the run and orders her to go to court instead. Will Goldie take her advice?


Home and Away

Kat is following Brody’s drug dealer Lena when she receives a message from Ash, but she’s too busy with work. Kat watches Lena meet Zannis in a deserted car park; unbeknown to Kat, Zannis tells Lena the police are following them and Brody is to blame. Is Brody in danger? Later, Kat risks her life and her relationship for her career. Will the gamble pay off?

Meanwhile, Brody is still staying with Scarlett but is a mess as he’s suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Scarlett tries to settle him, but things take a terrible turn when Brody starts hallucinating and seeing his mother in the room.

Tori rushes Roo into surgery. As Tori treats Roo in theatre, Alf starts to experience chest pains. Seeing Alf in pain, Nate rushes him into a treatment room, fearing he is experiencing a heart attack. Luckily, Alf is fine, but Roo has suffered a miscarriage. How will she take the heartbreaking news?



Mannix leaves Leo with no choice but to enlist David to help with his knife wound. Realising a crime may have occurred, David is a little unsure whether he should intervene, but ultimately provides medical assistance. Will Mannix survive his injuries and will Leo finally tell David why is protecting Mannix?

It’s the day of Paige’s birthday party. On the way there, Amy chats to Jack and discovers he still has feelings for Paige. She encourages him to tell Amy how he feels, unaware that Mark is also preparing to lay out his heart to Paige. When both men tell Paige that they want to be with her, how will she react and who will she choose?

Also, Terese has thrown herself into planning Paige’s party, but Paul can sense something is wrong. As he shows Terese his caring side, will this lead to them being more than friends?



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