Soapy Bubbles – Week 11th July

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Lauren prepares herself to finish with Steven, but she can’t find the right moment. Frustrated, she instead confides in Max. Abi, meanwhile, visits Steven in the restaurant and tries to push him into choosing her over Lauren. Annoyed when Steven continues to insist that he loves her, Abi later finds out that she is planning to dump Steven. Abi steps in, prompting Lauren to decide to take Louie back to New Zealand.

Travis offers an olive branch to Louise after some prompting from Bex and Shakil, apologising for not giving her the benefit of the doubt. When Bex and Shakil leave, Alexandra overhears Bex talking about her. Riled, she tells Madison that Bex will get what’s coming to her…

Mick is torn between hiring Patrick or Ted as the new pot man for the pub. Meanwhile, Denise is horrified when Carmel thinks she’s been invited on the group holiday, too, and tries to make her see that she’s not!

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Peter, Toyah and Steve watch as an emotional Liz finally signs over her half of the pub. Liz starts work at the medical centre and soon finds herself clashing with her new boss, Moira.

Craig confronts Neil wanting to know why there’s no record of his home visits to Bethany. Later, Bethany admits to Craig that Nathan forced her to have sex with Neil against her will. Craig resolves to report Neil for his crimes. But will Bethany stop him?

Anna tells Kevin how much she loves him. Kevin apologises to Erica explaining how he loves Anna and it wouldn’t have been fair on Dev.

Rita tells Mary the prize in the Mr & Mrs competition is a trip to Cape Town and Norris thought she’d like to visit her son. David’s emotional when Gail suggests they should do something to mark the anniversary of Kylie’s death.

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Fiery couple Aaron and Robert are in the car in the middle of a row about money when they come across Rebecca, who’s broken down. Aaron insists Robert take his pregnant ex-lover to hospital, where she’s due to attend her first baby scan, while Aaron stays behind to fix Rebecca’s motor. It’s a kind gesture, but it leaves Aaron feeling terrible and deeply jealous about the bond Robert and Rebecca now have as parenthood looms.

Still trying to get to the bottom of Emma’s strange behaviour, Laurel starts prying elsewhere for answers.

At Home Farm, Lachlan is relishing his authority, but will he abuse his position of so-called power?

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Darren and Nancy go to visit Kyle but Nancy is worried by Kyle’s black eye. As Nancy leaves to talk to someone about his safety, Kyle gives Darren an ultimatum. Later, Tom and Alfie manage to set up their stargazing club at The Loft but, while they’re there, they hear Grace having a conversation and get the wrong end of the stick…

Meanwhile, Courtney decides that going to Scotland would be the best thing for her and the baby. But do Leela and Tegan have other ideas?

Also, life gets complicated for Darcy.

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Home and Away

Zannis wants Brody to accept a drug delivery at Salt. Brody refuses and even when Zannis piles on the pressure, Brody tells him to back off or he will call the police. Furious that Brody won’t succumb to his demands, Zannis breaks into the Morgans and pours poison into a water jug.

Tori invites Scarlett to a Morgan family lunch to say thank you for helping Brody through his drug addiction. However, Justin makes her feel uncomfortable and pesters her with questions about her past. Will Scarlett stay for the entire meal?

Alf tells Leah that Zac is leaving for Vietnam. Alf also tells her about the paternity results leaving Leah shocked and guilty for how she spoke to Zac after the divorce meeting. All packed and ready to go, Zac prepares to leave the Bay, but before he leaves, he says an emotional goodbye to Leah. The pair hug and Zac reassures her that leaving Summer Bay is the right thing to do.

After his emotional farewell with Leah, Hunter drives Zac to the airport. The pair say goodbye and vow to keep in touch. Olivia comforts Hunter as he lets Zac go. Will Zac’s departure send Hunter into a downward spiral?

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After blurting out to Paul that she has cancer, Terese immediately regrets saying anything. Paul pleads with her to tell her family but Terese refuses and says she has every intention of working through her cancer without her friends and family knowing. Paul is shocked at her decision, but will he respect her wishes and not tell Gary?

Piper has a bee in her bonnet about the representation of women in video games. She decides to take a stand and posts a vlog outlining her views and condemns her ex-boyfriend Chas in the process. The video goes viral, but with the good comes the bad and Piper is subjected to hateful comments. Will the backlash to Piper’s video put her in real danger?

Toadie tries to respect Sonya’s request for space, but rushes to her side when Sonya hears some strange noises whilst being home alone with Nell. Toadie offers his support but Sonya pushes him away. Feeling confused by Sonya after she called him over, he decides to leave and Sonya finally comes face to face with her mystery helper.

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