Soapy Bubbles – Week 24th July

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Bex, Stacey and Martin are finding it hard to get their heads round what happened the previous week. Someone in the Square comes to the shock conclusion that their life may never be the same again, while another resident is determined to get revenge… Will there be more troubles to come?

Lauren is still reeling from Steven’s big revelation and encourages him to tell Ian and Jane what’s going on. Insisting he doesn’t want to worry them, Steven refuses to say anything. When Lauren later hears an emotional conversation between Steven and Ian, she tries again to get him to open up to his dad, but he won’t be moved. Trying to change the subject, Steven then drops a bombshell on Lauren when he asks her if he can adopt Louie.

Meanwhile, Max finds out what he needs from Carmel’s files, but what is he up to next?


As Toyah admires her name over the Rovers’ door, she tells Peter she’s got a good feeling about the pregnancy test tomorrow. Later, Leanne calls in with Simon and Oliver and explains that they’ve nowhere to live as Nick’s sold her flat and the new tenants are moving in today. Will Toyah and Peter take them in?

Chesney’s taken aback to find Michelle has put £200 inside the card for him and Sinead. In the bistro, Daniel approaches Cindy, the editor of the Gazette, about an article he’s written about Chesney’s stabbing. Robert’s furious while Gemma is intrigued…

Todd and Billy move into the flower shop flat. In the solicitor’s office Todd quizzes Summer about her new living arrangements, but they’re startled by the arrival of Billy…

Mary is horrified to see the Mr & Mrs competition organisers require a selection of husband and wife photos.


As Priya is in the middle of doing a pregnancy test in the Woolie toilets, Leyla enters. Cringe! Will guilt-ridden Priya admit she slept with Leyla’s bloke Pete and could be expecting his baby? Will the test prove positive?

The court case starts tomorrow and Rhona’s nervous. Worried about how her manipulative rapist husband Pierce will present his defence, the vet turns to her devoted ex, Paddy, for support.

Megan and Charity are still at odds over Frank and all the argy bargy which has kicked off since Charity’s fling with him was outed. During a confrontation, will Charity be able stop devastated furious Megan gunning for yet more revenge?


Darren is full of optimism as he plans a holiday with Nancy and the kids. But later, he bumps into his old friend, Luke (Gary Lucy), who isn’t as loyal as he remembers…

Grace heads to The Folly to meet the person who’s been texting Warren about their affair. Nobody turns up, but she finds a set of keys with a bull’s head key ring. Meanwhile, clues point to Joel being Warren’s blackmailer.

Tom and Alfie are gearing up for their trip to Ibiza but, before they go, Alfie tries to help Prince and Lily’s relationship. And when Mac refuses to let Neeta go to Ibiza with Ellie, Sally comes up with a cunning plan…

Later, Hunter and Prince work their magic for some extra cash.

Home and Away

Ash and Kat race to the hospital, desperate to get Luc treatment. On the way, Kat calls Tori and tells her Luc’s symptoms and Tori tells them to meet her at the hospital immediately. Still driving to the hospital, Luc’s condition continues to deteriorate and she starts shaking as though she’s having a fit. A panicked Kat and Ash finally arrive at the hospital and, after a series of tests, Tori discovers that Luc has a bowel condition. Will Tori be able to operate and save Luc’s life?

Meanwhile, Jett and Marilyn continue to argue about telling John the truth in regards to the death of his father. Marilyn insists on keeping John in the dark, but Jett’s had enough and asks John if he wants to know the truth. At first, John doesn’t want to know the truth, but later he changes his mind. How will John react when he finds out how his father really died?

Also, Hunter receives a short email from Zac, which makes him feel like Zac’s no longer interested in maintaining a relationship with him. VJ tries his best to cheer Hunter up – but will he succeed? Or will he put Hunter in an even worse mood? Finally, will VJ find out that Luc is sick?


Piper has avoided all her social media platforms since the vile backlash against her vlog on the dangerous culture of video games. However, when she logs back online, she’s shocked to see a vile comment about Terese’s cancer. Piper decides to shut down her online accounts once and for all – but not before filming one final vlog warning trolls to back off.

Later in the day, Piper receives a strange text and, seconds later, the police kick the door down to her family home and wrestle Terese and Paige to the ground. What trouble has Piper caused?

Meanwhile, the Sharma-Rebecchis are on edge after Yashvi’s drinking session. Things become even tenser when Dipi discovers Mishti knew about Yashvi’s date. Dipi continues to question her parenting skills and feels as though her new job at Harold’s has eaten into her quality time with her daughters. Will Dipi give up her job? And has Yashvi blown her chances with Evan?

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