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The Carters are struggling to get their heads round the new regime at The Vic following all the changes made by Fi. But they are all shocked when Whitney Dean walks back into the pub! Mick is stunned, while Shirley finds it difficult to hide her displeasure. When Johnny insists that Whitney move back in with them, she feels awkward, but when Mick is encouraging she agrees. Shirley is fuming as Mick offers Whitney her job back, but there’s nothing she can do about it.

Whitney goes upstairs with Mick to tell him her news… She is engaged! But to who?

Steven can’t get out of it when Lauren insists on going to the hospital with him. A smug Abi agrees to look after Louie while they’re out. At the hospital, Steven tries to buy some time and he calls Abi to help him out.

Bernadette comes up with a plan when she realises the family won’t be able to buy her posh baby things. Karen is fuming, but when Bernadette explains her reasoning, Karen softens.

Also, Max takes Carmel for a drink in The Vic.


Robert Preston tells Michelle that Rich has a cast iron alibi and couldn’t be the vandal. To Adam’s annoyance, Chesney accepts Robert’s £5k offer. Later,, Robert grabs some cash out of the bistro till and heads off to the casino, hoping he’ll win big…

When Leanne explains that it’s not working out at the Rovers, Steve suggests that she and Oliver move in with him so they can share child-minding duties.

Erica’s mortified when Dev and Mary park themselves at a Bistro table explaining that they’re there to offer her moral support.

Billy worries that Summer is bottling up her grief. Michelle encourages Maria to get in touch with Will. Adam warns Eva not to sign her new office job contract until he’s checked it over. Craig admits to Sophie and Chesney that he may be fired from the police force!


Lawrence has got himself in a real mess over this Tim business. Chrissie doesn’t realise that Simon, the client she’s got a crush on, is actually called Tim and is her biological uncle! But Lawrence’s attempts at keeping the truth from Chrissie has ended in disaster and his near death.

Knowing that Tim isn’t going to let it lie, Lawrence has decided it’s time to come clean. Problem is, before he gets the chance, Lachlan kidaps him and with Gerry’s help, ties him up and stashes him in a barn on the estate! When Lawrence realises Lucky has got Tim’s mobile, he wonders what the hell his unhinged grandson has done now…

Aaron returns from Ireland and is confronted by Robert who tearfully begs for another chance. But is Aaron able to look past the fact that Robert got Rebecca pregnant while he was in prison?

At Dale View, Laurel presses on with her mission to find out what’s really going on with Emma. Seizing the chance to have a minute with Finn, she tries to get him talking about his mum and dead dad, James. In the middle of their chat, Emma walks in…


Yasmine Maalik is devastated when Prince chooses Lily over her and pours a box of Alfie’s crickets down Lily’s top. Lily is mortified when she rips off her sweater and her scar is exposed to everyone. Back at home, Lily locks herself in the bathroom and cuts herself for the first time.

Meanwhile, Harry finds out that Ste’s refusing to take his HIV medication in prison. Harry turns up to look after Leah and Lucas – but Ryan and Tegan can smell alcohol on him. As Tegan babysits instead, Lucas makes a shock revelation about the night Amy died…

Also, Scott gets himself a job working with his secret brother, Damon. And Misbah pleads with Kim to break up with Farrah – but will she listen?

Home and Away

Olivia accompanies Irene to the hospital to visit Luc. They find VJ in Luc’s room, so Irene offers to stay with the tot, so that he can head off and get some rest. However, Olivia isn’t letting the Mick issue drop and wants to know how Irene plans to keep him away from Luc. Will Irene have any answers?

Meanwhile, Tori’s still struggling to come to terms with the erotic dream she had about Ash. Tori feels extremely awkward when she bumps into Ash and Kat while practising yoga on the beach. Both Ash and Kat notice Tori’s awkward behaviour and Tori makes things worse when she refuses to engage in conversation with them and rushes off. Ash believes she’s hiding something about Luc’s health, but Kat believes she knows what’s wrong with Tori. Does Kat really know the truth?

Brody’s struggling to get clean from his drug addiction. Needing some space from the Morgan household, he heads to the Surf Club, where he bumps into Alf, who berates him for his behaviour and his treatment of Scarlett. However, Alf’s like a dog with a bone and refuses to let Brody’s bad boy behaviour drop. So Brody loses his temper and punches him. Will Alf press charges? And will this affect Brody’s bail?

After his run-in with Alf, Justin urges Brody to get help. Brody decides to head to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, where he meets a mystery girl called Ziggy in need of desperate help…


Gary is concerned about Terese’s chemotherapy treatment and gets advice from Sheila as she’s survived breast cancer. When Gary tries to have a discussion with Terese about her chemo, she snaps. Later, Terese turns to Paul, who defends Gary and his concerns. Terese apologies and asks Gary to explore alternative forms of medical treatment – but will Gary’s good intentions lead to further heartbreak for Terese?

After unleashing a verbal tirade against mum Fay, Aaron turns to David for support. Aaron explains he feels resentful for Fay leaving when he was a teenager. David encourages Aaron to talk to his mum and to get things off his chest. Aaron’s up for the idea and asks David to come with him – an invitation David accepts. Aaron and Fay manage to have a heart to heart and Fay seems to love David. Afterwards, Aaron and David spend some time alone and Aaron blurts out the ‘L’ word to David. How will David react?

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