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EastEnders Weekly Update

Max is confused about why Abi’s funeral has been delayed and he questions Jay, who tells him that he hasn’t received the paperwork. Concerned about Max’s mounting frustration, Jack suggests Max distract himself by going through Abi’s post. Later Robbie visits Max with something of Abi’s. Realising how much he failed her as a father he heads to the funeral parlour to see her body. Max is stunned when Lauren drops a bombshell – the funeral has gone ahead without him.
Vincent is getting anxious about the delay in the sale of the Albert and he drops the potential buyer in favour of someone who can push things through more quickly. At home, Vincent tries not to freak out when he finds out that Kim is spending money by hiring Karen as a cleaner. When he finds Kim with loads of shopping he snaps and reveals they are broke.

Masood does his best to recreate Mariam’s samosas with some help from her. In the chippy, Masood puts his plan into action but when Kathy finds out she’s furious!

Also, Donna tells Jay they need a new housemate as they can’t make the rent and comes up with an idea to raise some extra cash in the meantime.


Coronation Street
Coronation Street Weekly Update

Jess attends a disturbance at the lap dancing club and is annoyed to realise that Craig is the culprit. She tells him she has no choice but to report Bethany for underage lap dancing.

Eva tells Adam she is going to America on a beauty course for 4 months but is thwarted when he says he will come with her and ask Imran to look after the business whilst he is away.

Having paid their respects at Susan’s grave Peter tells Adam that she would have been proud of him and they owe it to her memory to forgive Billy. Meanwhile, Billy goes to Dr Gaddass for stronger painkillers but is told he is on the strongest allowed.

Phelan is thrilled that the developer at the mill is planning to build ten more flats meaning money in his pocket.

Sarah is upset to see Gary helping Nicola move into Eileen’s. Tyrone is impressed with Sean’s domestic skills. Tim finds Sally in tears, has she decided whether to move away with him?


Emmerdale Weekly Update

Under pressure from suspicious Harriet, guilt-ridden Laurel finally blows the lid on her love-cheat secret and spills the beans about her romp with Bob. The vicar reels as Laurel adds that she now has feelings for the cafe owner. Later, Harriet confronts Bob urging him to decide what he wants to do and above all else, to tell betrayed Brenda…

An elderly lady, Maisie (played by Wendy Craig), turns up and heads straight for Mulberry Cottage. Who and what has brought her to the village?

With Rebecca still recovering from the accident, Rob is struggling with looking after their baby son Seb but tells Aaron he’s determined to be a good dad.


Hollyoaks Weekly Update

The Maalik family members are shell-shocked when Sami reveals that it was scheming lawyer James who set up their father and prompted his suicide!
As the family struggles to take in the truth, they’re appalled that Sami has kept this secret for so long and Farrah’s in for another shock when she realises Kim has known the truth all along.

Misbah tries to build bridges with Imran but he’s furious that she never believed his dad. Is the young lad about to do something he’ll bitterly regret?

Meanwhile, with the truth now out, a guilty James hooks up with Kyle to try and make himself feel better.

Elsewhere Adam is on a mission to win back Maxine but Sienna is trying to pair her up with Joel.

Will Sienna’s match-making plans work out and who would Maxine rather be with Joel or Adam?

Home and Away

Home and Away
Home and Away Weekly Update

Kat goes against Robbo’s wishes and decides to testify against Novak in court. She asks to appear in court by a video link, hoping that by telling the police and jury everything, it will help put Novak in prison for good. Feeling tense, Robbo goes to a car park and erupts in an outburst of anger that is seen by Maggie and Ben. Can Robbo keep his secret for much longer?
Meanwhile, Tori tells Roo that she has a fractured vertebra and arranges for her to have more tests. When the test results come back, Tori tells Roo she has two choices, spinal fusion surgery that could leave her paralysed or be in chronic pain for the rest of her life. What will Roo do?

Also, Raffy is concerned that she is making matters worse, by helping Ryder run away from Summer Bay. Against her instincts, Raffy steals the keys to a boat and gives them to Ryder. The pair rides off, but they are left terrified when they find a dead body…


Neighbours Weekly Update

It’s the day before Tyler’s trial and Piper is organising a get together for him, his friends and family. So Piper is left stunned when Tyler says he has to go out. Tyler goes off to the garage to complete a dodgy job for Banks.
However, when Tyler arrives at the garage, he finds that the job will take longer than planned. To make matters worse, halfway through the job, Tyler finds out that Aaron’s life could be on the line and has to make a choice between saving his brother or completing the job for Banks.

Everyone is getting in the party spirit for Toadie’s big ’21st’ party. Guests are ready to dress up in their 90s outfits and Toadie is excited for his big day until people start dropping out. Will Toadie have to cancel or can Shane save the day?

Also, Karl clashes with Paul again, when he finds out that Paul wants the hospital wing named after his mother. Will Karl and Paul ever reach a truce?

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