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Phil Mitchell is stunned when he gets an offer on the car lot land and it’s a huge amount of money. Suspicious that all is not as it seems, Phil shares his concerns with Kathy. After considering his options, Phil tells Sharon that he’s decided not to sell, as he wants to do right by the family. Phil visits Ben and tells him he’s leaving him the Arches, while the car lot land will go to Jay.

Things are still a bit frosty between Mick and Linda, but Linda ploughs her energy into sorting out the staffing situation. When she decides to give Keanu a trial shift, Fi can barely hide her irritation. Annoyed by Linda’s attitude, Fi confronts Linda, who unexpectedly opens up to Fi.

Carmel is hopeful when she invites Max to go on the group holiday with her. Max, of course, ends up leaving Carmel hanging as he secretly checks out the idea with Fi. After a run-in with Kush, Max tells Carmel he’d be happy to accompany her. Delighted, Carmel blurts out that she loves him!

Also, Bex’s teacher Gethin becomes the newest resident of the Square as he moves into a flat at No.5.


Cathy visits Chesney where she explains she’s arranged for him to meet Dev at the Bistro so he can apologise. Can Chesney overcome his anxiety to salvage his job?

As Aidan coos over the scan photo, Eva’s wracked with guilt, telling Adam her plan to ruin Aidan is off. Seeing her distress, Adam hands over the factory’s computer hard drive. But as Eva returns it to the office, she’s forced to hide when Johnny and Aidan return.

When two of Gemma’s old mates, Zoe and Roxy, call at Prima Doner she’s keen to impress. She invites them to Rita’s flat where they raid the drinks cupboard. When Rita hears the sound of loud music upstairs she bursts in.

When Sally mentions Rita once helped her out of debt, Gina’s ears prick up. Mary speaks to Jude via video call. When Aadi and Asha let slip about the wedding, Mary is forced to admit she’s marrying Norris.

Finn decides it’s time for a clear-out at Wylie’s and is taken aback by his mum’s reaction to the idea. With him having no idea what happened between his parents at the farm, he can’t understand why Emma seems so alarmed. When he goes up to Wylie’s to get stuck in, he finds Emma there looking really agitated. Emma shoves a note into her pocket hoping her son won’t see – but he does…

The wedding is looming large and Pete is nervous. But when Leyla tells him Priya has vowed to help, he relaxes hoping his affair with his fiancée’s best friend is done, dusted and forgotten.

Elsewhere, Megan plots to ruin Frank.


Grace tracks down Tracey, who appears to have gone on the run. As mother and daughter discuss the past, Tracey finally tells Grace she loves her. Just when it looks like they might finally get a chance to bond, it seems there’s trouble just around the corner…

Sienna panics when she finds out that her operation has been brought forward to tomorrow. Warren gives Sienna a necklace and promises that everything’s going to be fine. Meanwhile, the blackmailer posts a letter addressed to her…

Courtney urges Tegan to get a job while Tegan believes she has won big in a radio competition. Could this be the answer to all her problems?

Also, Hunter’s frustrated seeing Mac and Neeta together. Could Peri be the one to get his love life back on track?

Home and Away

Irene’s anxious as she waits for Olivia and Hunter at the police station. Olivia emerges and explains to Irene that Hunter committed a robbery at The Diner and it resulted in Marilyn getting electrocuted. When Olivia explains that she knew about the robbery, Irene’s furious. Meanwhile, Hunter’s still being questioned by the police, who tell him will face a prison sentence if Marilyn decides to press charges. Will Marilyn let Hunter off the hook?

Meanwhile, Justin gets a call from Brody’s lawyer informing him that someone has requested access to Brody’s files. He sets off to see Kat to see if she knows anything but Kat is clueless. After some digging, Kat finds out that the person requesting to see Brody’s files is from Adelaide. Justin asks Scarlett if she has any contacts that can help and Scarlett nervously agrees to do some digging. And it doesn’t take long to discover that the person going through Brody’s files isn’t looking for Brody, they are looking for her!

With little time to spare, Scarlett explains she’s on the run form her ex-husband and Justin agrees to help her make a quick getaway. Just as Justin and Scarlett start to make their getaway, however, Scarlett comes face to face with her past…


Sonya and Toadie make their way to their first councilling session following their separation. Both feel nervous about what to expect out of the session and unfortunately things don’t go well. Toadie takes full responsibility about why their marriage broke down, but Sonya still can’t forgive him. So the therapist suggests some role play where they both see things from each other’s point of view. Will this be enough to help save their marriage?

Meanwhile, Paige and Jack comes to blows concerning Steph having access to Gabe. Jack turns to Mark for support, as he believes Paige is being unreasonable. However, Mark sides with Paige and believes Steph shouldn’t be around Gabe even in the presence of another adult! Meanwhile, Steph may have finally found the root of her problems. Later, Mark tells Steph that Paige wants her to stay away from Gabe. How will this affect their relationship?

Also, Amy is down in the dumps, so she turns to the church for comfort, but leaves disappointed… and with a twisted ankle. However, a handsome doctor soon comes to her rescue. Is this start of a new romance?

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