Soapy Bubbles – Week 22nd August

UK TV Soap update

Weekly Soap Round up and Gossip


Linda does her best to reassure Fi when Fi gets frustrated that Mick and Linda won’t get on board with plans to modernise the Vic. Just as Linda thinks she’s finally got through to Fi, disaster strikes, when Shirley Carter causes a scene. The situation escalates as Phil steps in to defend Shirley, and the customers are forced to leave. Fi is not impressed!

Phil is concerned when Jay fails to turn up for work. Keen to find him, Phil tries to track him down, but he has no luck. Back in the share flat, Ben finds an upset Jay. When he demands to know what’s wrong, Jay blurts out that Ben’s dad is a murderer!

Jack, Honey and Ingrid take the kids camping. Although Ingrid is annoyed by Jack’s dismissive attitude, she soon realises what’s really up – he’s upset that Ronnie isn’t there. After a heart-to-heart with Ingrid, Jack apologises to Honey for his abruptness and he throws himself into the trip.

Also, Max tells a terrified Steven that he may need his help again.


Masking his nerves, Chesney tells Fiz and Sinead he’s taking Ruby and Hope into town. Sinead’s relieved. But as they set off on the bus, Chesney suffers a panic attack and demanding the driver opens the doors, he flees, leaving the girls on the bus.

Nicola introduces Phelan to her boyfriend Scott, who’s a policeman, and shows him some pictures of a derelict building they’ve bought. Phelan reluctantly agrees to help them convert it into a youth centre.

Angie treats Mary to a spa day and quizzes her about her relationship with Norris. Later, Norris assures Mary that he’s honoured to become her husband whilst Angie eyes them with suspicion.

Cathy urges Gemma to make up with Rita. Shona visits Clayton in prison, where he begs her to spend her winnings on helping him to get out. But when Clayton lets slip that he’s running a drugs operation from prison, will she waiver? David’s angry to discover Shona has been visiting Clayton.


Rhona wakes up from a nightmare only to encounter Pierce lying next to her! It’s a horrible moment but the terrified vet soon realises her mind is playing tricks on her. Pierce is still in prison, having been charged with raping her on their wedding day.

Needing to confront the issue head on, Rhona decides to visit Pierce. But will the encounter give her the closure she so desperately needs?

Frenemies Megan and Charity continue to plot Frank’s downfall while the unaware ex-conman busies himself with the secret wedding he’s got planned. But will a conversation between Frank and Rishi about the ‘timeshare’ muck up Megan and Charity’s hard work?

At the salon, Kerry is harbouring Dan’s homeless brother Daz. Bernice urges Kerry to come clean to Dan.


Shane finds out that Joel’s setting him up to the police – so he kidnaps Cleo! Shane takes Joel to where Cleo is locked in an engine room and locks Joel in with her. Will they escape?

Meanwhile, Mandy throws Luke out and – with Tony’s help – manages to convince the social worker that she can provide a safe home for Ella. Will things go according to plan?

Farrah urges Scott to tell Damon the truth, but will he listen?

Also, Nancy decides to plan a surprise vow renewal for her and Darren, and Prince plans a romantic gesture for Lily.

Home and Away

As the storm continues to cause a menace in Ramsay Street, Paige and Steph are stuck in a lift together. However, Steph sees a different side to Paige and Paige realises she may have been harsh on Steph and her illness. Are these ladies about to come to an amicable truce?

Meanwhile, Amy’s petrified that she’s seriously hurt Nick and calls Leo and Mishti for help. While Nick receives treatment, Amy decides to rummage through his belongings – but will she find some incriminating evidence?

Also, Terese is horrified that Jasmine knows about her cancer. At first, Jasmine and her team are sympathetic to Terese – but they soon make it clear that keeping such a big secret has caused a crack in their relationship. Will there be professional consequences for Terese – and who will she turn to for support?


Mark, Aaron and Tyler return from Russell’s funeral ready to move on with their lives. As Aaron goes off to see David, Tyler spends quality time with Piper, while Mark has to figure out what lays ahead for him and Elly. Later, the boys receive a package of Russell’s things. The box of old belongings contains an envelope for each son. As the brothers bond over the box, Sheila decides to tell them the truth – that one Brennan brother isn’t a Brennan at all. Will the envelopes reveal all?

After finding a condom wrapper in the aftermath of the storm, Dipi jumps to the conclusion that Yashvi and Ben are having sex. Shane warns Dipi to slow down with her accusations – but will she listen? Also, will Dipi’s meddling affect Yashvi and Ben’s relationship?

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