Soapy Bubbles – Week 28th August

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Shirley is concerned when she realises that Linda is still convinced that Mick isn’t over Whitney. In a bid to reassure her, she invites Woody and Whitney for a Carter family lunch to smooth things over. Linda gets tipsy, however, and starts flirting with Woody to try and wind up Mick. As the atmosphere gets more awkward, Linda snaps and furiously tells Woody what’s been going on.

Lauren is back in the Square and launches herself into wedding planning. After finding out that the register office wants to push the date back, Lauren has a wobble. Things are only made worse when she tries on her dress and the stress of what’s going on gets to her. Breaking down, Lauren tells Abi that Steven isn’t well. Lauren confronts Steven and tells him it’s time he told Ian and Jane about his condition.

Sharon is desperate to get Phil and Jay back on track and she talks to Phil about making amends with him. Visiting Jay, Sharon insists that he’s part of the family. Later, Jay is left stunned when he gets a surprise visitor…

Also, Stacey finds out why Max is in a snappy mood after he rows with Carmel. Jane and Ian are shocked when they discover that Bobby has put them on his call list.


Sarah attends her parents’ support group and is shocked when Gary arrives. She talks about how she feels she let Bethany down, and Gary promises her that from now on he’ll be there for her. Will Sarah thaw towards him? Later, Gary receives a call from Joe offering him another gig in the Ukraine in three days’ time…

Gemma and Kathy are interrupted by a lad who, after looking Gemma up and down, tells her she certainly doesn’t match her profile. Gemma’s upset to discover Zoe and Roxy have set up a fake account on a dating site.

Sally’s furious to discover that Gina’s been storing the box of bric-a-brac which she promised she’d sold.

Shona joins the Platts for a barbeque. Robert reads a bistro review in which they refer to him as Nick. Michelle’s concerned when Will offers to knock up some designs for Robert.


Aaron Dingle’s determined to have it out with his enemy Jason. The man’s made his life a misery for months. But as he prepares to step into the boxing ring to take him on, his loved ones beg him not to do it.

David pokes his nose into his dad’s love life and tells Pollard that Faith is only after his money. Upset, Pollard decides to put his son’s theory to the test…

Plagued by her dark secrets and web of lies, Emma breaks down.


Cindy Savage continues to be terrorised and when she hears someone trying to break into the Cunninghams, she attacks the intruder. But who is it? Later, Mandy confides in Cindy that she’s kidnapped her daughter, Ella, from foster care.

Meanwhile, Hunter sneaks into The Dog flat to surprise Neeta, but leaves angrily when he realises she’s just slept with Mac.

Also, there’s drama for Darren and Nancy, and Myra sees red when she makes a shock discovery.

Home and Away

Terese is determined to tell Gary the truth and admit that she has been unfaithful, but when she sees how much effort Gary has put into her surprise party, she has a change of heart. After the party, Gary pours out his heart and Terese responds by telling him that her tumour has shrunk. Meanwhile, Paul is convinced that Terese is telling Gary that things between them are over and that he and Terese will move on together with their new lives. Will Terese tell Paul she’s had a change of heart in time?

Meanwhile, Krisha suggests that Ben comes round for a music lesson and Yashvi isn’t keen, especially as she has been avoiding him like the plague. When Freya heads to Harold’s and asks personal questions about Ben, will Yashvi use Freya’s curiosity as an opportunity to twist the knife? And will there be consequences?

Also, the attraction between Nick and Amy is reaching fever pitch, as they can’t get enough of each other. The pair are in even better spirits as Nick tells Amy that Terese’s tumour has shrunk due to his course of treatment. However, the mood dampens quickly when Nick receives some tragic news….


After fighting with Gary, Terese is tempted to give up on all her hard work with the hotel as her investors are ready to pull out. Paul gives Terese a resounding pep talk that puts the fire back in Terese’s belly. Paul tracks down Terese’s investors and makes a final plea in attempt to convince them to not pull out of the Lassiters complex project.

Meanwhile, Gary wants to put things right with Terese and organises a huge surprise. Later, Terese’s investor, Mr Udagawa pays her a visit and Terese makes a final passionate pitch to retain their investment and it works! Terese is overjoyed and can’t thank Paul enough. In fact, the pair’s joy at keeping her investors turns into a kiss and the pair end up sleeping together…

Toadie and Sonya continue to get closer through their couples therapy sessions and through working on the Liveability project. However, Shane and Karl suggest impractical ideas, and in a bid to shut down their ideas, Toadie jokingly suggests they build a tourist attraction, much to the delight of the committee. Will Toadie have to follow through on his idea?

Also, Amy tells Steph that she kissed Nick and hates herself for betraying Paul. Later, Amy tells Nick they can’t take things any further, but Nicks asks Amy to have coffee with him and she agrees. The pair continue to flirt and it’s clear their chemistry is building…


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