Soapy Bubbles – Week 4th September

Weekly Soap Round up and Gossip


A huge fireball from the gas explosion engulfs the Square. In the chaos that follows, the residents desperately search for their friends and family. Martin is horrified to realise that Stacey is missing and goes on the hunt for her, while Bex helps out an injured Mr Pryce. There are also fears for Phil, who was near the site of the explosion.

Meanwhile, Max is panicking that his plan will be derailed now that Jane knows what he’s up to. Playing mind games with Steven, Max tells him that he needs to sort out Jane once and for all. Pushed to the edge, Steven torches Beales restaurant…

Ted is in a state after the explosion, as it’s brought back some bad memories. Despite Joyce’s efforts to calm him down, he retrieves the gun for protection. Things soon take a terrible turn, however, when someone arrives to check on them and Ted pulls the trigger! Who has been hurt?

Also, Linda confesses to Jack the big secret she’s been hiding from Mick.


Robert implores Michelle not to attend his hearing as there’s a strong chance he might not be coming home. Later, Will comforts an upset Michelle.

When Eileen turns up at the house Phelan is renovating he has some explaining to do about the property and about why he went to the med centre for antibiotics.

Faye’s gutted when she receives a text from Seb telling her to leave him alone. Will she want revenge or will she find comfort in the arms of another?


In the wake of their failed wedding day, which saw Pete and Leyla both try to escape the ceremony via the loo window, it’s time to untangle their lives. It’s a sad moment for the pair when Pete arrives to collect his stuff. Leyla’s humiliated following Pete’s previous clumsy admission that he never actually meant to propose, while Pete feels sick at the thought of his secret betrayal with Leyla’s best mate Priya.

Elsewhere, Debbie is in a hotel trying to win the business of a via wealthy new client who’s shown interest in hiring their flashy car. But when it comes to test driving the Bentley there’s a problem: it’s been stolen!

Dan’s homeless brother Daz is now kipping in Hettie. Amelia pops in, fascinated by her uncle’s stuff. The little girl finds a knife Daz has hidden under his pillow and accidentally cuts herself on it… Will this shatter the Spencer siblings’ truce?


Tony and Amy’s dad Mike Barnes is brought to the stand to give evidence. Although Tony does his best to defend Ste, Mike doesn’t hold back in telling the court exactly how he feels. Will his testimony commit Ste to a life behind bars?

Meanwhile, Tegan’s suspicious that Ste’s kids Leah and Lucas are hiding something. Will they speak up?

Also, it seems Diane’s got some explaining to do.


Home and Away

Tori and Justin tell Brody that the only way to afford his expensive rehab programme is to sell Salt. Brody is livid and tells them he can’t sell the last good thing he has in his life. He storms out and bumps into Ziggy who advises him to fight and keep Salt. When Brody returns to Salt, he tells Justin and Tori that he’ll continue to attend weekly meetings for his recovery and carry on working at Salt. Tori is livid with Brody’s decision and rips him to shreds. Will Tori’s words cut Brody too deep?

Meanwhile, Justin tells Scarlett about his family issues, so she decides to talk Brody into going to rehab. The next morning, Justin and Scarlett drop Brody off with no sign of Tori. On their way back from the rehab clinic, Justin and Scarlett are chatting away when Scarlett leans in for a kiss. How will Justin respond?

At the Summer Bay house, the mystery man holds Alf at knife point. Roo sees that Alf is in danger from afar and runs to get Kat from the caravan park. Kat arrives and calms the man down. Alf tells Kat he has no idea who the man is and the man doesn’t know his own identity either! Kat calls for Tori and, when she arrives, she suggests he goes to hospital as he has a nasty head wound, which has probably given him concussion. Meanwhile, Kat runs an identity check on the mystery man, who is he and what’s he hiding?


Tyler is shocked to find out the man he played pool with is Hamish Roche, his father. Tyler wants nothing to do with him, but after a heart to heart with Mark, Tyler changes his mind. Hamish and Tyler get on like a house on fire and, later, Tyler and Hamish have dinner with Aaron and Mark.

The boys explain that Russell left them all playing cards when he died and Hamish comments that he never met Mark and Aaron’s father. However, when alone, Hamish reveals a playing card in his hand, the missing Ace of Spades…

The Brennan brothers are still trying to figure out who told Hamish about Tyler. When they find out who spilled the beans, however, there are consequences for Aaron….

Also, Yashvi and Ben both feel awkward after their kiss. Ben makes it clear that he has feelings for Yashvi but she doesn’t feel the same. Yashvi turns to Dipi for support and Dipi advises her to come clean about the rumours. Will Yashvi take her advice?




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