Soapy Bubbles Week 5th June

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EastEnders Weekly Update

Lauren is flustered as she prepares for an important presentation at work. It soon becomes clear to Josh that she’s not on top form, prompting him to send her home before the meeting. When Steven tries to reassure her, insisting that it won’t go badly for her at work, a frustrated Lauren snaps and has a massive go at him.

Kim is concerned about Denise’s behaviour and sits her down for a heart to heart. A worried Kim offers her sister some sage advice.


Coronation Street Weekly Update

Sarah and Gary do their best to try and convince Bethany that Nathan is a monster, but she will hear nothing bad about him and also ignores Audrey as she tries to talk some sense into her. Bethany calls at Nathan’s flat where she is fed a pack of lies by Nathan, Mel and Neil. Will Nathan persuade her to leave her family and come back? Meanwhile it is touch and go for Shona as she comes through her operation for a ruptured spleen. David is surprised when he discovers that Shona has a C-section scar which made the op tricky and, later, Billy tells David she had a son but lost him.

Sinead tells Daniel it is over then makes a shocking discovery about Daniel’s family.


Emmerdale Weekly Update

Marlon’s love-life is in a right old muddle now his girlfriend Carly has left him. But the pub chef is even more confused when he wakes up in lodger Lydia’s bedroom after a drunken night out! Has something saucy happened between the pair? After all, Lydia certainly has an eye for the men of Emmerdale and has already had disastrous dates with villagers Paddy, Rishi and Sam.

But the plot thickens when Marlon’s young daughter April thinks he kissed his ex, Laurel, and blames him for causing Carly to leave the village. Looks like Marlon has some big explaining to do.


HollyOaks Weekly Update

Grace and Warren are bickering in The Loft when two armed thugs handcuff them to a pipe in the office. Bart McQueen owes the thugs money and they know Warren was the last person to see him. Bound together, events take an interesting turn…

Meanwhile, Jesse knows Darcy is to blame after a mix-up with Goldie, but Darcy comes up with an elaborate lie, which leaves Jesse feeling sorry for her. Later, Darcy and Jesse go back to Grace’s flat, where Darcy seduces Jesse.

Also, Esther spots a hooded figure watching her and chases after them – but who is it?

 Home and Away

Home and Away
Home and Away Weekly Update

Irene tries to calm Roo down as she worries about her surprise pregnancy. Roo explains that she thought she was going through the menopause! Later, Roo goes to dinner with James and is on edge all night.

When James pours champagne into her glass, Roo panics and pours the champagne into a flower pot when James turns his back. However, it doesn’t take long before he notices the spillage and Roo comes clean. How will James react to the news that he’s going to be a dad?

Meanwhile, Kat and Ash move into their new apartment, but Kat feels overwhelmed by the amount of equipment Luc needs. Will Kat back out and tell Ash she’s not ready to be a mum to Luc?

Also, Brody is out of drugs and desperate for his next hit. He resorts to stealing money from the Salt tip jar and tries to convince his siblings he’s kicked the habit. Will Brody be given access to his credit cards and score his next drug fix?


Neighbours Weekly Update

Toadie is confronted by Sonya’s decision to isolate herself from the rest of the world. With hope slowly dwindling, will Toadie be able to put the pieces of his family back together before it’s too late?

Meanwhile, Ben’s shocked to hear Elly’s suspicions of Finn. Wanting to protect Xanthe, Ben tracks her down and tries to convince her of Elly’s theory. Will Xanthe believe him?

Also, Karl declares the Kennedy house a drama-free zone. It’s all hands on deck to assist with Susan’s return home – but will things go to plan?

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