Soapy Bubbles – Week 13th June

UK TV Soap update

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EastEnders Weekly Update

Lauren prepares for a tough day at work when she’s asked to assist Max with a presentation. After Lauren heads out to work, a jealous Abi continues to stir between Lauren and Steven as she questions Lauren’s behaviour…

Jack is struggling to hold it together. When he bumps into Kush in the park, he has food for thought after Kush offers him some advice. But despite Jack trying to keep optimistic, he’s soon brought down again as his situation grows worse…

Keegan has a run in with Travis and starts spreading rumours about Louise. Although Louise is quick to deny Keegan’s accusation, the gossip soon spreads around the school.

Also, Carmel and Kim encourage Denise to apply for a job at the town hall.


Corrie Street
Coronation Street Weekly Update

Having received a text from Shona telling them that she’s left Weatherfield, Eileen and Billy beg David to try calling her. Losing his temper David hurls his mobile through a mirror and tells Gail how Shona was the first person to make him feel happy again since Kylie’s death. Covering her guilt, Gail holds her emotional son.

Eva tells Aidan to meet her in the bistro later, confiding in Leanne how she plans to propose to him, before putting the finishing touches to her Mexican themed engagement party. Meanwhile, Maria suggests Aidan should buy her a drink in the pub. While a nervous Eva waits for Aidan, Maria follows Aidan into the men’s loos and kisses him passionately. Fed up with waiting, Eva heads for the Rovers; what will she find?

Having arrived back from his appointment with the neurologist, Johnny’s in a state of shock, but covers when Kate approaches.


Emmerdale Weekly Update

Priya dishes out a cold hard dose of the truth to fiance Rakesh when she tells him she no longer loves him and has slept with someone else! Will he find out who took his fiancee to bed?

Keen to take their relationship to the next level, Belle suggests she and Lachlan make use of empty house Wishing Well. Their plans are ruined when Lachlan’s ex cellmate Gerry pitches up.

Finn and Ross lie to Doug about their plans for the allotment.


HollyOaks Weekly Update

An excited Scott is preparing for the MS awareness fete he’s organised, but it seems no one’s got any time to record a message of hope for his video diary. Meanwhile, Kyle reassures Ryan that he’ll find out how much Scott heard of their conversation when they were in the toilets.

Soon the fete is buzzing and Nancy’s proudly manning the MS awareness stall but, when Scott puts her on the spot to do a speech, she has a tremor. Tony blames Scott, but Scott’s mood improves when Kyle unexpectedly asks him on a date.

Later, however, Tony and Harry are alarmed when they get home to find a barely conscious Scott being stretchered out of the flat – what’s happened?

Also, Darren wants Tom to get back into the driver’s seat after the accident, but Tom’s not ready to face his fears. Lily gives Tom the support he needs but, inside, Lily’s afraid her scars from the crash will be permanent.

Home and Away

Home and Away
Home and Away Weekly Update

The Morgans are celebrating Justin’s decision to move to America with Phoebe. As the family gather together to make new memories, Raffy’s upset about Justin’s impending departure. Justin addresses Raffy’s emotions and she explains that she doesn’t want to lose him and that she’s worried about Brody. Can Raffy convince Justin that Brody needs help with his drug addiction?

Brody is under pressure from his dealer, Zannis. Zannis demands that Brody pays $500 he owes or he won’t be sold any more drugs and there will be serious consequences. Desperate for his next fix, Brody goes to extreme lengths to find the money he owes.

Marilyn is thrilled to hear about Roo’s pregnancy and promises to help as much as possible, as James isn’t interested in their baby. However, is Marilyn using Roo’s pregnancy as distraction from her own personal problems?


Neighbours Weekly Update

The dust is settling at the Rebecchi house thanks to a saviour that Toadie called for help. Will everything finally work out for Toadie and Sonya?

Piper challenges Finn on the new changes he’s made at the school. She looks for support in Xanthe but is shocked when Xanthe takes Finn’s side. Has Piper lost her best friend to Finn?

Also, Susan meets with her manger to discuss her return to work despite recent health concerns – but as she’s making her case, she has a dizzy spell. What will this mean for Susan and Erinsborough High’s future?

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