Spinit makes it personal!

Personalized bonuses

With 1200+ games currently on offer (with a constant increase), you’ll find a slot, table or live game suitable for whichever ‘mood’ you’re in; boredom simply isn’t an option.

Given their brand, ‘Spinit’, you could guess there’s an obvious focus on slots (and slot-specific bonuses), so chances are, if there’s an amazing hit slot (or a hidden gem), you’ll find it playing here. A notable point to mention, being that Spinit holds such high importance on the innovation factor, you’ll find a wide range of games available on mobile – 200 mobile games and climbing (fast!).

My personal favourite Spinit thing is that it offers personalized bonuses to their players. What does that mean, exactly? Basically, Spinit uses specialized technology via advanced tools to analyze player habits, in turn offering a bonus that is 100% personalized to your playing preferences.

It liberally (and literally!) gives you the bonus you want!

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