Stop Giving Awards!

You have been awarded the Good Bar Award for being a Good Friend…..

Award Form

Nestle Crunch Award

This is seriously the type of awards our children are getting from school. We all wonder why kids these days grow up acting like spoiled little brats that expect the world to give to them just because. Well here’s a big reason why. Come on now stop giving out bull shit awards. Last year my daughter was in grade 2 and they handed them out in her class and this year I saw it in a grade 4 class……these are 10-year-old kids for crying out loud! Why?


Yes, a lot of this generations issues stem from home and technology and what is easily accessible to them now but the teachers/schools don’t help. First, they take away homework from our school district and yet here we are again at the end of the school year and kids are being handed bull shit feel good awards…..for what purpose?!

This is only feeding into this generations entitlement mentality. Don’t give feel-good awards especially to 4th graders who should understand responsibility, work, and reward. These kids are going to go out into the real world and sit on their asses and then protest for $20 an hour to ask if you want fries with that. It’s sick, it’s demoralizing, it truly is doing more harm than good to these kids. Only give then an award for something they truly worked for to earn. Same goes with sports. They hand all kids participation awards.

Why bother?

Why do we push our kids to do well, to work hard, to make goals and achieve them when they can get awards just for showing up? This is truly not ok. We as parents need to stop letting our kids accept these awards and teach them they get what they earn. Everyone should show up, everyone should be a good friend, everyone should put in the hard work. If you have perfect A’s then yes you deserve an award because YOU EARNED IT. If you showed up, half-assed your work, then now you don’t deserve anything. Simple as that. 

You won an award


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