Summer Holidays!


Kids Bored? Nothing to do?

Homemade Fudge.

A simple & cheap afternoon activity.
They can pretty much do this themselves with supervision when using the hob.
You need 
4x value 100g milk chocolate bars – 30p each
1x 397g Tesco condensed milk – £1
1x 100g bar of your fav chocolate – Price will vary but Mint Aero £1
Square lined cake tin.
Pop chocolate and condensed milk in a sauce pan on a medium heat.
Keep stirring until a thick gloopy consistency then pour into a lined cake tin.
Crush Mint Aero and sprinkle over the top.
Keep in the fridge overnight.
In morning cut into bite sized pieces.
Although quite sickly after the first 10 pieces, it’s hard not to go back for another bite
(Tesco has own brand Aero mint large bars 2 for £1.50 so used half a large bar on top and ate the rest when the kids were in bed!)
Instead of Mint Aero topping why not try a Crunchie, crushed Smarties/M & Ms, any favourite chocolate bar. Mars bars and Snickers didn’t work so well because of the caramel. Made it extra gooey and hard to cut into bite sized squares.
Total price – £3.20
Kids entertained – £Priceless.00

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