Summer Make Up Tips

Hello Summer!

Summer is coming and that means humidity, heat, sweat, rain, swimming, sprinklers, and more to ruin your makeup. Here are a few tips from the pros on how to keep your makeup looking fresh all day long.

Start with a proper base.

Make sure to always take care of your skin before you apply the makeup on it. Use oil-free moisturizers in the morning and if you’re seeing the signs of ageing find a good nighttime age-defying moisturizer for after you remove the makeup.

Invest in a good primer.

Again find an oil-free primer. They aren’t heavy and they really help to hold the makeup in place.

Bronze believably.

Bronzer makes the features of your face pop more when you have just enough of a subtle hint of warmth. Don’t go too dark and make sure to only apply it to high points on your face so you look sunkissed. Also, a powder bronzer is easier to apply and blends best.

Keep things light.

If you can get away without foundation and concealer then stay away. If you need it then try to use the least amount as possible. The lighter it is the less likely it is to crack or crease as you heat up.

Shear no shimmer.

Sweat will make you shiny enough, avoid anything luminous or sparkly. Same with picking colors. The sun will give you a bit of color on its own. Keep the lips to a gloss and the eyes to a calm quiet nude shade.

Eyeshadow stays power.

Speaking of eyes do not use eye cream in the summer it will melt. Go for a smooth eye primer and then apply eyeshadow over the top. Use a cream or pencil liner and you can apply a dark shadow over the liner as well to keep it bold longer.

Ditch the powder blush.

Personally, I say the sun and heat give you rose tint enough, skip the blush all together, however, the professionals say blush adds a balance and healthiness to any look, so it’s up to you. If you are going to wear blush skip the powder, as your skin is darker and sunkissed anyhow you will find you will keep caking the blush on to see it. Instead, go for a stain with a touch of a cream blush on top.


What runs the most from water? Mascara! Invest in a waterproof mascara for the summer. From sweat to swimming you don’t want to look like a racoon.

Simple tips to keep you looking fresh all summer long.

One last time……backup! Bring your touch up items with you from lip gloss to a bit of eyeshadow you can always do a quick touch up if needed.
Stay cool and fresh! Happy summer ladies!

Makeup Tips

Summer make-up tips


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