Summer Rules for Kids

So the kids have the summer off and you seriously are dreading them sitting around the house all day long with an electronic in their hands.  Sound familiar?  This truly has become the norm over the past 10 years and it is time to take back control.  Kids need to learn responsibility and how to be helpful and any age is the time to start.

I saw this picture on facebook last week and decided that I am going to use this as a guideline this summer with our teenager.  Over the past few months we have noticed that she rarely is home with us because she has school, a job and a boyfriend.  She no longer just hangs out around the house with us and NEVER offers to help me out with any of my day to day tasks.  She rushes through her school work and is out the door.

Well, starting Monday, she will be living according to the “Summer Rules for Kids”  Wish me luck!!!

House Rules for Kids
Summer Rules for Kids

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