Summertime Cool Tubs!

Happy Friday everyone!  I am finally all settled in from my holiday and let me tell you, I sure am happy to be home.  I know holidays are nice to take but more often than not, I return home more exhausted from my holiday than I started out with!!

I must say, what I missed 2nd most(besides my cat and family) was our hot tub which is now a cool tub.  I never thought such a small item in my life would give me so much pleasure.  My husband bought it for me a year ago for my birthday and he definitely has made use of it but me, not so much until NOW.  Summer time.  We turn off the heater and use it as a cool tub.  We do not have much land to put up a pool or a full size hot tub but this little inflatable hot tub is perfect!!!

I mowed all the lawns the other day and I was simply dying from the heat and all I did was get in the cool tub for 5 minutes and felt completely refreshed.  I highly recommend this tub to everyone.  When he bought it he spent 400.00 USD but I found it on for £347.00!

Click here:

Lay-Z-Spa Miami Hot Tub, Airjet Inflatable Spa, 2-4 Person

Keep your eyes out for some great deals.  It says 2-4 person but 2 people really fit great.  The filter keeps the water clear and the heater is part of the filter.  In the winter, we move it to our garage and use it all winter long 🙂   Skinny Dipping is a must 🙂

May the summer stay cool for all!

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