Summer sun and Babies.

So our 4-day summer has started this week.

Social media is full of summer heat waves and half-naked fat men posts. I was laughing at the vest and long sock posts until I saw this. I shivered like I was in the depths of winter. I used to do this with my kids when they were babies. I bet you did too!

Parents sadly are unknowingly putting their babies at risk by simply covering them with a blanket to shade them from the sun. By shading them with a thin blanket or muslin cloth…

A recent study has shown that by covering a pram this way results in the opposite effect. A pram with a cover over in the heat at 22° Celsius for 30 minutes makes inside the pram as hot as 34° Celsius. This to a young child especially under one can cause overheating which can in serious cases lead to death as well. Plus also one of the biggest risks of SIDS is overheating.

Another issue too with placing things over a pram like a blanket can cause their exhaled CO2 to get trapped in the blanket, this means the baby could potentially then be rebreathing their exhaled CO2. This results in lower oxygen levels another high risk of SIDS and can also cause positional asphyxiation.

There are many safe alternatives for keeping your babies safe and in shade from the sun, you can use sun Brolly or a protector that covers the complete pushchair.

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Take a look at safe alternatives here. I know £25 seems expensive as we do not have many hot summer days here. But isn’t it worth it?

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