Sun. The Kettles on!

So, I was telling my dear friend in American about my daughter’s sun burn.

How Aloe Vera after sun was helping but the cream was drying on her skin and making her sweat making the sun burn itch and she told me about a natural remedy that might work.

Tea, yes you heard it right TEA!

Keep Calm and Put the Kettle on for us Brits is a famous saying.

Well, “Keep Calm and Cover Yourself in Cold Tea” should be a new meme.

She told me to make a brew with 6 earl grey tea bags. I ain’t so posh that I buy earl grey so in a Pyrex mixing jug I bunged in 12 PG tips and poured on the boiling water.

Let’s get mashing!

After the black tea had brewed (and cooled) I dipped in a hand towel and laid it on my daughter’s sun burn. The stinging feeling went in an instant. Wasn’t sure if this was just the cool liquid soothing the burn or not so we waited the 30 minutes.

Wow. Save your money on expensive lotions and potions girls. Grab a box of tea bags and keep in the cupboard for a brew or a sunburn fix.

Dead impressed.

After doing this for a few hours the sunburn is definitely not so angry looking and it’s turning a lovely chestnut colour.


I made a new batch and put the cold tea into a spray bottle and kept it in the fridge. Every time she needs to soothe she has a squirt.

One old wives tales that actually works.

The only downside is my house now smells like a café and all my towels are now stained a builder’s tea brown.

But that’s so much better than a moaning 14 year old.

“Keep Calm and Use Sun Block” in the first bloody place!

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