Supermarket War

I’m actually fuming!! ?

I headed into ASDA earlier for a few bits and bobs. As I was standing in the self checkout line, I dropped my £20 note on the floor… The woman in front of me picked it up and as I was thanking her, she looked me dead in my eye and said, “The things found on Earth are kept by the collector,” and walked away. I looked dumbfounded at the girl looking after self checkout who looked just as shocked and befuddled as me.

I straight away said, “Excuse me!!! That’s my £20!” This lady had the nerve to ignore me as though I hadn’t said a word & as though she didn’t have my £20 in her pocket! Of course, I ended up following her out of Asda because i just couldn’t believe what just happened!

When the woman(believe me, that’s not the word I want to use) got to her car, she put her bags on the ground to open her car door so, I walked up behind her and grabbed her bags of groceries and walked off !! The woman then asked me to give her back her things. I replied in my sweetest voice as I could speak as I walked away to my car and said to her “The things found on Earth are kept by the Collector!”

As she followed me screaming, “excuse me, excuse me..” , I got into my car, then drove off whilst laughing LOUDLY! Anyway… when I got home, I opened the bags … Chocolate, steaks, some posh potato thing, asparagus, a nice wee bottle of wine, coffee, prawns and a yummy desert… Not bad for a £20 note, eh?

But, in all seriousness – this is a joke to see who would read the whole thing… if you got down this far and are now laughing. LIKE me SHARE me POST me 🙂 

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