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UK Swinging

Swingers? Please don’t judge. Give a read.

Are you looking to put a little “spice” into your sex life???  Have you thought about trying the swinging lifestyle?  Contrary to most beliefs. Swinger clubs/events are not a group of prostitutes or desperate men looking to have their fantasies fulfilled.  It is predominately couples and single men and women are kept at a bare minimum.  The average age is between 36-40 however, you will find some younger and older couples as well.  Most swingers are middle-class workers in a professional capacity.

Typically, on a given night, the club will host an event either at a member’s home, a hotel floor takeover or even the clubs own clubhouse.  The latter is becoming more and more popular.  With their own clubhouse, they usually have rooms set up that are theme based such as the “playroom” with a sex swing and other sex toys.  They usually will have the “doctor’s office” with the gyno table and then the “office” with the desk.  Most clubs will have a Jacuzzi or swimming pool as well.

In the past swinging was considered to be immoral and sordid, however, the concept has been growing in popularity over the last few years.  There isn’t any coercion and people do not get hurt.  If you are unwilling to participate, you don’t.  Simple as that.  If you and your partner are going to try it, just be sure to go in with rules that you both agree on.  Example, no Barbie or Ken dolls, no going off with someone without each other, no anal sex with anyone other than your partner.  Keep to the rules and TALK to each other.  Involve each other in the playing.  For many, adding a little swinging to your life can help the sex life.  Take what you want and leave the rest.


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