Taking it to the Extreme – Part Ten

Learn the Basics 

Going Off Grid

Stockpiling isn’t just for offgridders waiting for WW3, it’s a great to save you a lot of money. If you find a coupon for something that means “it’s very cheap as chips”, it’s a great time to stock up. Only stock up if you have space to store bulk bought items.

Watch out for perishables or food that have an expiry date. What’s the point in buying 30 packets of digestives if they go out of date before you can eat them?

We all love a bargain, but if you don’t have room for 200 tins of baked beans you’ll never be able to get a really efficient stockpile. Remember back to my 300 toilet rolls? It’s a pain having to pull the loft ladder down to get a new roll every time the kids yell MUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Double the Difference

This trick is specific to Tesco, but it’s worth knowing in case you are ever overcharged. If Tesco charges you full price for an item that’s on sale do not say anything to the cashier. She will simply correct at the till and change you the new price. Wait until you have paid for your shopping and head to customer service. Explain that the price shown was not the price charged. They will refund you Double the Difference back.

Tesco don’t shout about this but it is clearly marked in the stores.

If you find a pricing mistake buy as many of these items as you want. Then go to customer service and explain the issue. BUT be warned….if you are wrong about the pricing error you have just been lumbered with 50 bags of couscous it’s going to take a year to get through.


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